From the Email Bag: A Wayne Gretzky Card

Occasionally I will like to share some emails with you guys when it pertains to trading cards. This is an email I got from Kevin, who appears to be from Northern Europe.

It reads:

Hi there!

I wonder if you could help me out with a hockey card i own :)

Its a gretzky card  (1998-99 pacific omega #156) . But the thing with my card is that its not similar to the other cards named that(checked ebay and google), my card has a stamp in the middle saying ” Opening day issue april 28 1998″ with the omega icon, and on the silver edge of the card theres numbers “50/56″

So my question to you is : what kind of a card is it? is it worth any money? etc etc.
Ill send you two pictures were you can see the stamp.

Sorry if bad english.

And here is an attachment of the card:

Well as a matter of fact I can help you and anyone else interested in finding an information on this card. It is a 1998-99 Pacific Omega Opening Day Issue Wayne Gretzky parallel numbered to just 56 copies.

From what I gather from my research, it appears to have a low book value of $75 and a hi book value of $200. While I’m not exactly sure what it may go for on the open market, it is definitely a rare and valuable collectible to have in your possession so make sure you have it well protected.

The Great One is a popular player to collect and one of the best of all-time, so it’s definitely worth holding onto if you are a fan.

Good luck, you have a nice, rare insert there of a Great One.