2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day: Beat The Blogger

Beginning this week will be the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion here on Sports Card Blog. We have a ton of prizes that we are giving away, from packs of NFL Player of the Day cards, commemorative sets, autographs, fun man/girl cave items, and even a hobby box of cards.

The theme of this year’s promotion is going to be “Beat the Blogger”. I will be posting contests every Thursday once again this year, for the games slated on Sundays and Mondays. I will also be posting my own answers for the contest. If you beat me, you get one entry into the monthly and grand prizes. The person with the highest score will win the weekly prizes. Pretty simple.

Make sure you look out for special ways to get entries and look out for our giveaways we will be having on our Twitter and Facebook pages during the promotion for some extra free stuff.

All I ask in return for running this program is you click the banner and check out the official Panini Player of the Day website. There, you can find out more about the hobby shop portion of the program and get involved.

So get ready for another great season of contests and prizes. It’s a little easier this year to get involved, so let’s have some fun.

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NFL Week 1 & 2 SCB Rookies of the Week

I wanted to start this little segment after the NFL Week 1 games, however, I’ve been just so busy with things it was put on the back burner. This was an idea from a reader of the blog that he would want to see and I can see the appeal.

Week 1 SCB Rookie of the Week: Robert Griffin III

It’s an obvious choice for Week 1 Rookie of the Week. It has to go to RGIII. The dynamic quarterback was able to throw for 320 yards in his first NFL game with two touchdown passes. He was also able to scamper for 42 yards on the ground in leading the Redskins to victory over the Saints. His rookie card prices were already sky high before the season even began, but with a convincing performance like that it justified the price paid by all those collectors out there.

Week 2 SCB Rookie of the Week: Trent Richardson

Week 2 was a tougher choice for who takes the crown as the rookie of the week. Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Andrew Luck all did well in leading their teams to victory, but Trent did a lot of damage on the ground despite the Hogs’ loss. 109 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown is great for the rookie’s second game, but he also added 36 yards and another touchdown through the air. Trent’s showcasing his strong legs and good hands, that’s bad news for opposing defenses and good news for card collectors.

Hopefully we will keep this as a weekly thing, showcasing the best performances by NFL rookies each week.


2012 NFL Rookie Premiere Players Announced

The 2012 NFL Rookie Premiere players have been announced, and collectors should be happy. Well for the most part they should be happy. Every player invited plays an offensive position that brings the most value hobby wise. A ton of QBs, RBs, and WRs made the cut and will be there for pictures, autographs, and wearing a ton of jerseys.

Here’s the official list from the NFLPA:

Adams Joe WR Arkansas Panthers
Allen Dwayne TE Clemson Colts
Blackmon Justin WR Oklahoma State Jaguars
Broyles Ryan WR Oklahoma Lions
Egnew Michael TE Missouri Dolphins
Fleener Coby TE Stanford Colts
Floyd Michael WR Notre Dame Cardinals
Foles Nick QB Arizona Eagles
Givens Chris WR Wake Forest Rams
Graham T.J. WR North Carolina State Bills
Griffin, III Robert QB Baylor Redskins
Hill Stephen WR Georgia Tech Jets
Hillman Ronnie RB San Diego State Broncos
Hilton T.Y. WR Florida International Colts
James LaMichael RB Oregon 49ers
Jenkins A.J. WR Illinois 49ers
Luck Andrew QB Stanford Colts
Martin Doug RB Boise State Buccaneers
Miller Lamar RB Miami (FL) Dolphins
Osweiler Brock QB Arizona State Broncos
Pead Isaiah RB Cincinnati Rams
Pierce Bernard RB Temple Ravens
Posey DeVier WR Ohio State Texans
Quick Brian WR Appalachian State Rams
Randle Rueben WR Louisiana State Giants
Richardson Trent RB Alabama Browns
Sanu Mohamed WR Rutgers Bengals
Tannehill Ryan QB Texas A&M Dolphins
Toon Nick WR Wisconsin Saints
Turbin Robert RB Utah State Seahawks
Weeden Brandon QB Oklahoma State Browns
Wilson David RB Virginia Tech Giants
Wilson Russell QB Wisconsin Seahawks
Wright Jarius WR Arkansas Vikings
Wright Kendall WR Baylor Titans

Preview: 2012 Panini Prestige Football

Panini’s first football product of the season will be coming out in June and looks better than it has over the past few seasons. 2012 Panini Prestige football looks good and this year will be featuring all the draftees in their new NFL uniforms.  Gone are the days of blank helmets or college logos in NFL licensed products and that’s a good thing.

No new football product can be previewed without featuring some of the rookies that will be featured, especially in the first product of the season. You will be able to find rookie cards from Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Trent Richardson amongst others in this product.

Note: He will be featured in an NFL uniform.

While this product will feature a lot of rookies (100 to be exact), Panini will be continuing their practice of achieving on-card rookie autographs and those will be inserted into this product. These autographs will feature subsets like NFL Draft Ticket Signatures, NFL Passport Signatures, and Draft City Signatures.

Every 24 pack box of this product will feature at least 2 autographs with four hits guaranteed. You will also be receiving one rookie per pack as we have seen in recent years. The same types of parallels will return as well with Extra Points and Prestigious Picks subsets.

With this product releasing June 20, 2012, you’ll be set and ready for the upcoming NFL season. Check out the official Panini blog for more images and information about this upcoming product.


Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 5 Winner

Week 5 was full of a ton of points for just about everyone involved so it was a good week for your chance to get back into things for the month and for the overall contest. With all the points, there will definitely be some moving around on the overall leaderboard.

But here are the Week 5 standings:

KJ L. – 13

Madison V. – 12

Michael G. – 11

Matt G. – 11

Eric S. – 10

Harley E. – 9

Shane K. – 9

Jay R. – 9

Edwin G. – 8

RJ R. – 7

Weirdmaniac – 7

I believe that makes two weeks in a row for KJ? Wow, congratulations once again for the win and our first two-time weekly winner. I thought this would be kind of difficult but there were a lot of big time numbers this week so it looks like I have to make things harder next weekend. I already have next week planned out with a little bit of a theme week featuring one NFL team and the prize will be a player on that featured NFL team as well.

The leaderboards will be updated later, so a big congrats again to KJ and make sure you check the updated leaderboards tomorrow and make sure you visit the official NFL Player of the Day website for more information!