Highlights of the 2012 NFL Rookie Premiere

With the NFL Rookie Premiere winding down, Panini and Topps have shown us a lot of what is to come this year in their football products. They’ve been posting pictures all across social media, giving us a sneak peak on what is to come.

Here are some of my favorites:


Robert Griffin III showcasing an autographed Panini card…an ACETATE card. That makes me giddy.

Justin Blackmon autograph using a different color ink. Finally, Panini has listened to collectors and are trying something else other than just a different color foil.


Topps Tall Boys autographs. Bringing back some of that retro flavor with some sweet autographs.

Topps Inception plus Andrew Luck. Really, what’s bad about this picture here?

Those are only a couple of the many highlights from this weekend at the NFL Rookie Premiere. If you’ve missed any of it, make sure you check out the Panini Twitter, Panini Blog, and the Topps and Topps Football Twitter accounts. You can catch up there!

2012 NFL Rookie Premiere Players Announced

The 2012 NFL Rookie Premiere players have been announced, and collectors should be happy. Well for the most part they should be happy. Every player invited plays an offensive position that brings the most value hobby wise. A ton of QBs, RBs, and WRs made the cut and will be there for pictures, autographs, and wearing a ton of jerseys.

Here’s the official list from the NFLPA:

Adams Joe WR Arkansas Panthers
Allen Dwayne TE Clemson Colts
Blackmon Justin WR Oklahoma State Jaguars
Broyles Ryan WR Oklahoma Lions
Egnew Michael TE Missouri Dolphins
Fleener Coby TE Stanford Colts
Floyd Michael WR Notre Dame Cardinals
Foles Nick QB Arizona Eagles
Givens Chris WR Wake Forest Rams
Graham T.J. WR North Carolina State Bills
Griffin, III Robert QB Baylor Redskins
Hill Stephen WR Georgia Tech Jets
Hillman Ronnie RB San Diego State Broncos
Hilton T.Y. WR Florida International Colts
James LaMichael RB Oregon 49ers
Jenkins A.J. WR Illinois 49ers
Luck Andrew QB Stanford Colts
Martin Doug RB Boise State Buccaneers
Miller Lamar RB Miami (FL) Dolphins
Osweiler Brock QB Arizona State Broncos
Pead Isaiah RB Cincinnati Rams
Pierce Bernard RB Temple Ravens
Posey DeVier WR Ohio State Texans
Quick Brian WR Appalachian State Rams
Randle Rueben WR Louisiana State Giants
Richardson Trent RB Alabama Browns
Sanu Mohamed WR Rutgers Bengals
Tannehill Ryan QB Texas A&M Dolphins
Toon Nick WR Wisconsin Saints
Turbin Robert RB Utah State Seahawks
Weeden Brandon QB Oklahoma State Browns
Wilson David RB Virginia Tech Giants
Wilson Russell QB Wisconsin Seahawks
Wright Jarius WR Arkansas Vikings
Wright Kendall WR Baylor Titans