Preview: 2012 Panini National Treasures Football

One of the most high-end sets Panini releases in their Football schedule is set to come out, National Treasures.


The first thing collectors should be looking for in 2012 Panini National Treasures Football are the Rookie Signature Materials cards. These cards are signed on-card, feature a game worn patch and are numbered to 99 or less. This year there will also be press plate versions numbered to 1. These are always the most desirable cards in National Treasures and have been the staple of the product.

A veteran Autograph set will be included in Virtuoso Signatures. This set will feature players such as Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning. These are also on-card signatures and will be numbered to 50 or less.

Don’t forget about the NFL’s Greatest Signatures set, though. These will be on-card autographs from some of the best players in NFL history, and will be numbered to 50 or less.


Each box contains 1 pack with 8 cards per pack. In each box, it will contain 3 autographs and 3 memorabilia cards per box.

You can find the product at DA Card World when it releases April 10, 2013.

You can also find the checklist on Cardboard Connection and more information on the official Panini America blog.

Preview: 2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball

Panini is bringing a new product for the Baseball collectors, and it’s one of the higher-end sets you’ll see all year in 2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball.


Panini is pulling out all the stops this year. Collectors will be able to find button cards numbered to 8, Legends Booklets numbered to 25 or less, and Bat Knob cards which are 1/1’s!

Collectors can also look for Rated Rookie Signature Material Gold cards which feature top rookies such as Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish numbered to 25.

Be on the lookout for the Hall of Fame Logo Signature cards that includes players such as Stan Musial, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken Jr. and more.


Each box contains 1 pack with 8 cards. In each box, every card will be either a memorabilia or autograph card including 1 on-card autograph and 1 booklet card per box.

You can find the product at DA Card World for around $340 a box when it releases on February 27, 2013.

You can also find the checklist on Cardboard Connection and more information on the official Panini blog.

Panini Showcases World’s Longest Trading Card

Well Panini already has the world’s largest trading card, which I was able to visit at the Basketball Hall of Fame recently. But now Panini has outdone themselves once again.

Today they unveiled one of the five “World’s Longest Trading Cards” that were inserted as redemptions into the recent release of 2011 Panini National Treasures football. One of the redemptions also features an added bonus.

Every card of the 8-foot “World’s Longest Trading Card” is autographed by a NFL rookie that attended the 2011 NFL Rookie Premiere with a piece of prime memorabilia embedded into the card. Every piece of prime memorabilia is also signed by the player that wore it. The “bonus” for the one redemption is that every card also carries an inscription by the player.

This follows an announcement last week of the first ever “Shoeless” Joe Jackson bat barrel trading card as Panini continues to pursue new and interesting ways to develop trading cards.

The real question about this trading card is how are the people who pull the redemptions going to display such a tall piece of trading card history?

For more on the World’s Longest Trading Card, visit the unveiling on Panini’s blog.

Phil Jackson’s First Autographed Trading Card

Today, Panini released images of the first autographed Phil Jackson trading card that was included as a redemption in 2010-11 Panini National Treasures basketball. 14 total redemption cards were created for the 2010-11 Panini National Treasures basketball set and they results are fantastic.

Here is one example of the three different cards created by Panini America…Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

It’s hard to believe that the guy with 11 NBA Championships never had an autographed card before this season.

The other two autographed cards feature one with Phil Jackson and Dennis Rodman, while the other features Phil Jackson with Rodman, Tony Kukoc, and Ron Harper. Since Michael Jordan is currently in an exclusive contract with Upper Deck, a Phil Jackson/Michael Jordan dual autographed trading card is a still just a dream.

But I think a Kobe with Phil is just as great.

For more information, check out this post from the Panini blog.

Preview: 2011 Panini National Treasures Football

The high end pariah in football that everyone saves up their hard earned coin for will be back again this season when it hits stores on March 21, 2012.

First up on the “wow” list this year is the ultimate trading card. The longest trading card ever created will be inserted (I’m sure as a redemption) in one of these boxes. This card will be 12-feet long and include an autographed jumbo jersey of everyone who attended the 2011 NFL Rookie Premiere. That is freakin’ nuts.

Next on the wow factor is Jim Thorpe worn baseball jersey card along with a cut auto, and a Knute Rockne game worn jacket and cut autographs. There is some serious history there. Adding onto that history element is a card with an actual piece of the goal post from the 1958 NFL championship game. More freakin’ nuts.

Other than that, you will have your usual wow cards in this product. Dual, triple, and quad autographs from the top rookies will return. Some game used laundry tags from veteran players jerseys along with an autograph will return as a big hit to collectors as well as NFL shield autographs. Oh, and you may even find a game used letter, shield, and laundry tag from some Pro Bowl player’s jerseys.

And again, you’ll find the standard other National Treasures cards like Souvenir Cuts, Ring of Honor Signatures, and everything else you come to expect from this great high end product.

While the price is usually high, around $400, the hits are phenomenal.

Why don’t you check out Panini’s preview gallery for more great pictures and get ready for the release of this product?