Preview: 2011-12 Panini Prime Hockey

The buzz has already begun for this product just hours after the initial information was released to the public on the official Panini blog.

The newest addition to the hockey family looks like it may stay around for awhile if the product is as good as it looks. 2011-12 Panini Prime hockey looks like Panini Limited and the older Topps Unique had a child and this popped out.

Some spectacular pieces of memorabilia are in store for this product’s debut and when I say spectacular, it’s things that you haven’t ever seen before. How about probably the hottest new game used insert set in any product called “Prime Ties” featuring the laces on the front of the sweater?

Only one word describes that, unbelievable. It’s just a shame they had to cut off the NHL logo shield a little bit to make this spectacular looking card.

Okay, stop the drooling. Odds are tough on these but there are a ton of other hits in this product. The “Collision Course” insert looks to be Panini’s response to the ever popular Upper Deck “Shadowbox” cards which adds great value as non-game used or autographed inserts. But also like some Upper Deck products, Panini is now incorporating player nameplates into the mix, but taking it a step farther. These nameplates will be actually locker room used nameplates and autographed by the player from the All-Star game. No scrubs there! If you were thinking of nameplates as in letter patches from the jersey, this product has that covered for you too.

At one pack with 5 cards per pack you will receive one rookie auto quad card numbered to 199 or less, one multi-memorabilia card, one autograph, and one additional autograph or memorabilia card. Like I said, Panini Limited meets Topps Unique.

Nothing excites me more than a brand new product that looks great like this does. While I don’t have release date information yet or a price, you should definitely watch out for this product when it releases.