2012 Topps Museum Collection is a Pleasant Surprise

One of the common gripes amongst baseball card collectors in recent years is “Why can’t Topps put together a decent high end product?” We’ve seen great things from Topps in other high end departments like Topps Five-Star, but nothing close to that in baseball.

Until this year. Until now.

For all intents and purposes, I call 2012 Topps Museum Collection a high end product. Really, any product over $150 at release I consider high end. I remember when it used to be anything over $100, and some people would only claim those $300-$400 boxes are the only true high end nowadays.

Would you call it a game changer? Some would. I would. The quality of this product reminds me of something that Upper Deck would of done, but with the signature Topps flair. As one person has stated on Twitter, “It’s like Marquee and Tribute had a baby.”

The reason I mention former Upper Deck products is that one of the gripes of Topps collectors is about how stingy Topps has been in the use of the uniform patch relics. This product features no shortage of patch relics, that’s for sure. Usually it seemed that Topps reserved the best patches for the most hard to get cards, that has definitely changed with this product. While the numbering on the jaw dropping patches is low, and that’s rightfully so, there are still a ton of other great looking patches in this product that are easier to pull.

And that has definitely reflected on secondary prices as well. Just checking the secondary market prices on places like eBay really showcases what a well designed card, some on-card autographs, and beautiful patches can do to the value of cards.

Good show, Topps. Good show.


Preview: 2012 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

One of Topps’ new baseball products this season arrives tomorrow in 2012 Topps Museum Collection baseball. At one hit per pack, this is a hit filled product sure to make the hit collectors happy.

The box layout is simple. 4 packs, 4 hits per box. Every box will contain one on-card autograph, one autographed relic card, one jumbo relic card, and one quad relic card. The star attraction in this product is the inclusion of rookie autographs from phenom Yu Darvish. But there are some also great autographs in this product from dual autographs, cut signatures, Archival Autographs and framed autographs.

The autographed memorabilia cards feature dual relics, triple relics, quad relics, and jumbo relics along with a signature. And we all know about plain old relic cards that will be in this product.

A cool addition this year is an insert which features an original painting of some of the top 50 most collectible players of all time. There are only 10 of these made, with reproductions also filling the product. I like that addition to this product as it really gives the “museum” feel.

You’ll also find your standard base cards in several different paralleled forms numbered to 199, 99, and 1 of 1. There is also a “blue” parallel that appears to be unnumbered.

So check out this product when it hits stores tomorrow, April 4th, for around $170. It looks like it could be a fun break as the 2012 Topps Museum Collection checklist actually looks pretty good.