Man Cave Memorabilia Addition

As everyone should now know, my temporary leave of absence from updating my blog was due to my wedding and honeymoon. One of the great opportunities from those two things is to get gifts, and my relatives know what I like.

But this item here was not a gift, nor was it even related to sports cards. It’s a great piece of memorabilia though that I thought would make a very cool addition to my man room to go along with my celebrity autographs. I had the opportunity to take in a show on my honeymoon cruise featuring a group that has toured around the world. They are part music, part comedy, and part blue. Yes, I was able to see Blue Man Group.

Now the memorabilia part of this is pretty cool. Due to me being as awesome as I am, I was able to obtain a piece of show used memorabilia from their live show.

Let me set the scene how this is made. There is a gumball machine with a bunch of paint balls inside. They pop one out and throw it across stage into the mouth of another Blue Man. They then pop the paint ball in their mouth and spray the paint on the canvas by blowing the paint from their mouth. They do a couple of lines and then spin the canvas and create a swirl in the middle. It’s a really cool piece of memorabilia art from one of the most recognized shows on the planet. Oh, the two little dots on the bottom corner are actually the signature of the Blue Man who created this.

I’m going to find a great poster to go with this or something of that nature.