Charity Group Break: 2011 Panini Limited Baseball

I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to do something to support charity, so with our box of 2011 Panini Limited baseball sent to us for review, we want to use that to give back to charity.

So we will be hosting a charity group break with all proceeds going towards a special charity that will be chosen by those in the group break, the majority of votes by those involved will win. You will have three choices when you sign up for the group break. You can choose between Special Olympics Oregon, National MS Society, or the Portland Providence Medical Foundation. If there is a tie amongst participants in the voting, I will cast the deciding vote.

Each spot in this charity group break is $10. $10 will guarantee you 3 teams in this break. The first team you will be picking yourself with the other two randomized.

To sign up, post below with your team of choice and which charity you would like to support. Then, send $10 via PayPal to to lock that spot in. Make sure the email you use when you post here matches your PayPal email. If it’s different, please let me know. After all the spots have been paid for I will post the video and the review of the product. All the cards will be sent out to the winners.

Since this product only contains a limited number of cards, if none of your 3 teams gets a card, I will send out something to you just for participating and helping support this charitable event.

Again, all proceeds will benefit the majority of the chosen charity by the people involved in this break. I will scan or take a screen shot of the donation for everyone afterward.

Participants/Team/Charity of Choice:

1. Richard Wade – Braves – National MS Society (PAID) (Rays, Blue Jays)
2. Doc – Phillies – National MS Society (PAID) (Angels, Dodgers)
3. Cards and Case Breaks – Red Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Rangers, Tigers)
4. Sports Card Radio – Athletics – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Padres, Brewers)
5. flatsports – Twins – CHARITY (PAID) (Marlins, Mets)
6. mojobreak – Giants – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Astros, Diamondbacks)
7. Ryan Cracknell – Mariners – National MS Society (PAID) (Cubs, Orioles)
8. Dylan Zeh – Pirates – National MS Society (PAID) (Nationals, Indians)
9. Mike – Yankees – National MS Society (PAID) (Rockies, Royals)
10. Jeff Laws – White Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Reds, Cardinals)

It has been confirmed by those participating, that $100 will be donated to the National MS Society. I appreciate all of your participation. The review and video will be up shortly.

Preview: 2011-12 Panini Titanium Hockey

Panini is breathing some more fresh air into classic products with its announcement of the release of 2011-12 Panini Titanium hockey this April. Based on the turn of the century Titanium product from Pacific, this is another remake by Panini to try to excite collectors with nostalgia from the past in today’s trading card market.

This product will be a hit per pack product featuring 4 cards per pack and 5 packs per box. One highlight of this product is the limited rookie cards, just like the former product. Every rookie card will be case hits and will be serial numbered to that player’s jersey number on their sweater.

But there will be more than just hard to find rookies in this product. Each pack will contain an autograph or memorabilia card. You will find Home Sweater Autographs that feature both a dual game used jersey piece and an autograph. You may also find Hat Tricks which feature three game used pieces. With even more memorabilia featured on a card you may even find Four Star or Six Star memorabilia pieces.

Some more possible autograph hits include quad game used jersey autographs and Game Worn Gear Patches which are said to be some of the nicest patch cards of the season.

If all of this is true, it looks to be a solid addition to the Panini hockey family that looks to establish itself even more after a solid rookie season of hockey products last year.

Why don’t you check out the Panini Peek post featuring a little more information and some more great looking cards in this product?


Preview: 2011 Panini Limited Baseball

Sitting on my desk in my man-cave is a box. This box is black, empty, and features Hall of Famer Willie Mays on it. If you guessed that the box was an old box of 2005 Leaf Limited baseball, you have guessed correctly. The last Limited product from the former Donruss trading card company, since acquired by Panini. But not anymore. This post the other day from Panini shows the revival of a once great product.

So now, let’s get to the good stuff. Each box of 2011 Panini Limited baseball will contain 3 autographs or memorabilia cards, guaranteeing at least 2 autographs per box. These autographs will be a cross spectrum from top prospects, current MLB stars like Josh Hamilton, Dustin Pedroia, and Matt Kemp, and baseball legends like Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr., and Don Mattingly.

You may also find cut autographs, numbered to 5 or less, of former baseball players, other sports players, and even entertainment and politics. A definite crowd pleaser here would be a cut autograph from George Steinbrenner, former New York Yankees owner.

Another cool subset is Rawlings Gold Glove Signatures, which will feature chunks of real 14k gold and autographs from former Gold Glove winners. Maybe you’ll find some real silver in the Silver Sluggers Signatures subset? Or maybe you’ll find some game used material cards from players like “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Lou Gehrig, or Ty Cobb. Speaking of game used cards, when’s the last time you’ve seen pieces of game used helmets embedded into baseball cards or buttons? 2011 Panini Limited baseball will bring it all back.

Coming this April, 2011 Panini Limited baseball will be back in it’s full glory and I will be happy to have it back.

Review: 2011 Panini Limited Football

2011 Panini Limited football is here and it’s once again a product that can deliver some extremely rare and high end cards or be a complete dud. It’s the nature of the beast with this type of product that is only one pack per box and delivers either a single autograph and a couple game used pieces or a couple of autographs and a game used piece. It’s a gamble of a break at $100 but if you hit it good, you really hit it good.

Again, let me know what you think of putting all of the hits at the bottom of the review instead of near the top with this new gallery function instead of my little manual slideshow I had before.

Now, let’s take a look at this product by opening it!


Much better design over last year’s Limited product and I really like the use of the foil board here. You have the player cut out with a foil board background and just enough transparency to see the action in the background. It looks pretty good with the smaller name labels on the bottom and gives more attention to the player on the card. Even the Legend and Phenoms look great with the lettering placement. Again, I’m not a huge fan of the “white box” for autographs and really am pleading for just a lighter background in that area. As for the game used pieces, they look solid and Panini always does a great job die-cutting their products with useful information. *cough Topps*


I never see a real issue with Panini’s checklists most of the time. I don’t have a problem here either. They are always filled with top rookies, top veterans, decent retired players, and names people like. It was really cool pulling a Bo Jackson cards in this set as a Legend card so I really enjoyed that. I also enjoyed pulling a top rookie autograph in Demarco Murray. Jared Allen is almost as good as a defensive player hit you can get, but probably not great in terms of…


This product is just so hit or miss the value has to be right down the middle. For $100 you get a break similar to this. One autograph and a couple of game used pieces while some boxes will contain two autographs. I do like that I received a nice patch, however, I would argue that this product would be much better if you were guaranteed two autographs and one game used piece. It’s just come to the point where game used cards (besides nice patches like the one I pulled) are becoming so common it’s not adding value anymore unless it’s low numbered or a patch. At $75 this would be a better break, $100 is just too much for what it is.


Overall, what I’ve repeatedly stated about Panini Limited as a product is still true. It’s a very hit or miss product. The design is much better then past years and it looks like a much higher end looking product. It could use some work in the insert department and the white box is starting to get annoying but it still looks good. Panini’s checklists are always solid and fruitful so no issue there. However, the value is where the issue with this product is. It needs a little bit more or the price needs to be lowered to where it used to be a few years ago where it was $75ish a box at release.

Again, thanks to Panini for providing this box for review. Make sure you check out their blog for all the Panini information you need…after you check mine :)

Here are the cards:

Preview: 2011-12 Panini Limited Hockey

For some time now, I’ve thought Limited was in a downward spiral in terms of it’s life as a product. But this season, Panini has changed things up a bit and included some new things to the product that might it some life once again.

It will still contain 3 autograph or memorabilia cards, plus some base and inserts, but a new addition this year is the High Numbers cards. High Numbers will feature some of the leagues best goalies and be numbered to 99 each.

But some of the nicer updates and additions are the Phenom Rookies (still manufactured patches though), Net Presence memorabilia with pieces of game used goalie net from the 2011 All Star game in Carolina, and the Game Pucks inserts which will include pieces of the biscuit used in NHL games.

The Phenom Rookies are still manufactured patch autographs, however, the patches will be different according to the level of parallel. That is a neat idea to change the difference of look of the cards. I’m still not huge on manufactured patches, and that will probably never change, but I like the different logos for different levels.

I did mention to Panini America on their official Twitter that the Game Pucks should include a date and the game the puck was used. I also asked if in the future the pieces of puck could be autographed by someone who played in that game, maybe someone who scored a goal or a goalie. I think that would add some interesting value to those pieces and would make nicer collectibles.

As always, you will see the return of the big hits as well. Shields, nice patches, cut signatures, all the high end offerings you could want.

The base set is a big 175 cards for a high end product with rookies numbered to just 299. I’d like a smaller base set, but that’s just me.

The product will be ready to hit stores on December 14th, assuming no delays, and will probably be in the same price range as last year at around $85, I think.

Take a look at the official Panini Peek of this product for more information.