Preview: 2011 Panini Donruss Limited Cuts Baseball

Well it’s not entirely baseball, but it’s close enough that we will label it as a baseball product. Coming in December, Panini America will be creating the next high-end sports cut-autograph-per-pack product called Donruss Limited Cuts that they claim will change the genre forever. (After Upper Deck’s latest attempt, this shouldn’t be too hard)

This product will deliver cut autographs from some of the biggest names ever in sports, politics, entertainment, and pop culture with single, dual, triple, and quad autographs and cuts from over 140 deceased baseball Hall of Famers. (Hence why I gave this a baseball label) Every card will be numbered to 49 or less with over 200 cuts numbered to 15 or less.

There will be 1/1 booklets of quad cut autographs from some of the greatest teams in history, some more quad and dual autographs featuring some of the greatest teams ever, cut autographs from all time greats like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Honus Wagner and more!

And finally, there will be some cuts from other sports like golf, boxing, football, horse racing, as well as former U.S. Presidents, movies, television, and other pop culture icons.

I really wonder what Panini can do with these resources now and wonder if this can top a product like Legendary Cuts or Leaf’s cut autograph offerings. Only a full checklist will really be able to tell, but at least these designs look fabulous. If the checklist succeeds, this will be the next big thing in cut autographs.

At one cut per pack, the price hasn’t been released yet but I could see this product going from anywhere between $250 – $350. If the checklist is better, even higher.

You can go to the official Panini Peek of this product for more images and information or check out some behind the scenes photos!

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