Miss Your 2011-12 NBA Rookie Cards?

Look no further, 2012 Panini Past and Present basketball will be the product to get and will contain redemptions for 2011-12 and 2012-13 rookie cards.

Yes, I know they are redemptions, but your first chance at 2011-12 rookies will come in this product. I also know that we all wish Hoops provided us with rookie cards to collect for this year, but the lockout messed with the schedules and everything.

I mean, the Kyrie Irving NSCC VIP card that I gave away as part of the NFL Player of the Day promotion is getting up to $50+ on eBay right now because of the lack of rookies. The rookie cards will be limited this year which makes Kyrie Irving and other future breakout stars rookie cards hold some great value.

So if you’re looking forward to rookies, Past and Present will be your starting block. I’ll have a full preview on the product tomorrow.