Preview: 2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball

Panini knows how to put the “fun” in….collecting. Okay, that may not have worked out so well but it’s definitely true. I’ve been saying for almost as long as this blog has been alive that Panini puts out the best low-end offerings of any company out there. Their Score line in football and hockey are great and the newly redone version of Hoops is great as well. Triple Play adds that baseball product that anyone can collect and does it well.

This may scare young children.

Panini Triple Play is another product brought back from the dead. I remember collecting the old school Triple Play as a kid but this version is a lot different. First, this product is 99 cents per pack, so both kids with allowance to spend or really big kids like me with some change can pick up packs of this product.

While the base set is kind of small at 90 cards, it’s something new and interesting with every card done with illustrations. It makes every player look like comic book characters but every illustration shows some personality.

Who's was this?

The insert subsets in this product are fun and educational at the same time. From the actual Eye Black that you can peel off the card and wear to the Baseball 101 and Hall of Fame inserts, you can learn about the rules and the history of the game. This product also introduces game used materials cards if you’re a new collector by including a piece of a game used bat embedded into a card. While it doesn’t say who it’s from (which I think it should), it provides a glimpse into how these cards are made.

At 24 packs per box and for 99 cents per pack, it’s a great starter product for new collectors, young collectors, or young people at heart who just love collecting. Definitely fun and definitely affordable.

You can find out more from the official Panini blog.