Card Companies: Please Keep Things Fresh

Keeping it fresh.

That should be the motto of card companies nowadays. There are many ways the card companies are keeping it fresh. New innovations in card technology. New types of memorabilia. All are great and should continue. The only issue with these is that they come out in the same products every year. So I propose a solution.

Rotating products.

Besides the flagship product, the sell-well mid-end product and the ultra high end product, there needs to be more change in all the filler products. Every year we have Panini Limited, we have Upper Deck SPx, we have Topps Opening Day. Why can’t there be new, creative products put out to mix in with those others that are put out year after year…and then just rotate them. Put out SPx every other year, put out Limited every other year, you get what I’m saying. Replace those spots in a calendar with a new product and see what works. You can build more hype, you have more opportunity to innovate, and it creates an atmosphere that is less stale.

It’s just an idea. I hate to see product go the way of the Madden football games or just become more repetitive in nature. It seems like companies don’t want to retire certain products when they have long outstayed their welcome. This would be a good way to change that.