Epic Cards: 1999 Topps Traded Josh Hamilton Autograph

How about that Josh Hamilton?

Totally locked in tonight against the Orioles. 4 homers and a double. All from a guy who was drafted by the Rays, Rule 5 drafted by the Cubs, sold to the Reds, and then traded to the Rangers.

I’m actually surprised at how cheap you can get his best rookie autographed card out there, his 1999 Topps Traded Autographed Rookie.

You can find one of these ungraded for around $200. I’ve seen some graded versions in the 9s for a couple hundred more, but I can’t believe you can still grab them at that low of a price. He’s been unstoppable for a few years now, I would have expected the price to be higher.

Is it his age? Is it his history? Is it that he plays for the Rangers? I’m not sure why his values aren’t higher, but if you are a fan of superstars and need to find their rookie autographs, this one wouldn’t hurt your pocket as much as others out there.