Show and Tell: Josh Beckett/Curt Schilling Dual Auto

Well I showed everyone my most favorite sports card so now I’m going to show you my second favorite card in my collection.

This is my second favorite card:

2007 Upper Deck Premier Premier Pairings Josh Beckett/Curt Schilling dual autograph #/25

This card is one of my favorites and you can see why. I bought this card soon after Curt Schilling’s near no-hitter against Oakland where he infamously shrugged off the first sign from Jason Varitek with 2 outs in the 9th inning. He proceeded to give up a hit on that next pitch. He never shrugs off ‘Tek and did that one time and it cost him.

But I picked it up because at the time, Schilling and Beckett were as good of a 1-2 punch as anyone in baseball and then propelled them to the 2007 World Series Championship. This will forever stay in my collection for their accomplishments that year and what they did for the team during they tenure.


Custom Card: Pocket Aces

So today I decided to have a little fun with Photoshop. I had an idea for a card for awhile now and decided to put it down in Photoshop. I don’t do these at all, so I thought it would be fun to try since I’ve seen a few other bloggers create their own custom cards. I don’t know how it would look printed up and everything, but it looks pretty cool as a concept.

2011 – Sports Card Blog – Pocket Aces – Josh Beckett/Jon Lester

I don’t have any graphics formal training. I make signatures for people on forums sometimes and did all the graphics on the blog, but I think this ended up looking really cool. No room for a signature version, sorry!

What do you think?