Fradulent Game Used Jerseys Still Raising Questions

September 13, 2012, was what seems like a long time ago now. I was on the plane back from Hawaii. Most people were still buzzing about what they saw at the National a month before. The best part of the baseball season was underway. “JerseyGate” was brought up, and forgotten by most collectors.

3 months later, we still don’t have any answers.

The New York Daily News posted a story back in September giving the details on how a fraudster sold fake game used jerseys to companies in order for them to make trading cards. The fraudster says he knew they were fake, the companies knew they were fake, but they purchased them anyway. He names all of the biggest manufacturers in Upper Deck, Topps, and Panini America.

The story also mentions in an interview with the suspect a certain incident he had with Upper Deck where he was selling them fake game used Derek Jeter jerseys and how they were “inviting fraud” because they were “unwilling to pay market price.”

Many collectors originally made a stink about the whole issue, but the card companies just wiped everything under the rug as if nothing happened at all. Consumers were never given a statement by any of these companies, so the question still lies…where are these fraudulent jerseys now? What steps have they taken to ensure this doesn’t continue? We’ve heard nothing.

I, for one, no longer personally collect game used jersey cards. After reading about the rampant corruption and fraud within the memorabilia industry I just stick with autographs, and even those have their own issues as well. At this point, what part of the industry isn’t a sham?


Review: 2012 Panini Certified Football

2012 Panini Certified football is out and ready for release. One of the most popular early season products arrives as it is often filled with on-card signatures from the hottest rookies and some sweet memorabilia as well. With it coming out right in the middle of the football season, it’s perfect timing for football fans as well. We got our box in for review, so let’s check it out.


I really enjoyed the design of this product. It sort of reminds me of the old Flair designs with the use of foil board and the cursive lettering. The only wish with that was that the letters were a slightly different color as they really blend into the background of the card. Maybe a different background? Speaking of the background, the parallels are pretty nice looking with the color fading into the background. It sort of reminds me of 2005 Reflections baseball, one of my favorite products of all time. The jersey swatches are nice and large on the cards which is nice as well. Overall, I think it is a well designed product.


The checklist for Certified football over the years has always included the top rookies veterans, and legends of the game and this hasn’t changed. Once again, all of these are included in this product. From your top rookies like Andrew Luck to your veterans like Arian Foster and legends like…Andre Rison…the product continues to start and keep legacies alive. The product isn’t over done with rookies and contains a limited amount of parallels as well. There are a ton of rookie jersey cards, which I pulled a couple, and a nice list of veteran autos, which I pulled one of as well.


The one thing I am disappointed with is the continuation of 1 autograph and 3 jersey cards in a $100+ box. The jersey cards are more or less useless nowadays and they will continue to find themselves in the $1-$2 bins. I do like that the veteran jersey card was limited to just 99 copies, however, I still find it to be an issue. I still believe it should be 2 or 3 autographs with the rest being memorabilia. I see Panini has done that in its basketball products, why are we still lagging behind in football? Besides that, I was happy to have pulled a veteran autograph which have been seemingly difficult to pull. Not to mention it is my favorite team, can’t complain about that. But the 3 plain jerseys are just disappointing.


Overall, it is a solid product from Panini. With the improved design of the base cards and the solid checklist, it looks and feels great. The only part of the product that may not look and feel great may be when you reach into your wallet and get three plain jersey cards and possibly a scrub rookie. That wouldn’t make you feel too good about the product. At least another autograph and one less jersey would make you feel better or even 3 and 1 respectively. The product is one of Panini’s best, but it definitely needs a new set up in order to find value. The current set up isn’t beneficial for collectors who are looking for value in their purchase. For regular collectors like me, I like it as the money part is just a necessary part of collecting. But others may not be so happy, especially resellers.

Thanks again to Panini America for providing this product for review. You can find them online on their official site, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

You can find out the full checklist of this product at Cardboard Connection.

Or you can buy this product over at Dave & Adam’s Card World.

Preview: 2012 Panini Momentum Football

Do you remember the Momentum brand of old? I don’t. Apparently it was around the year 2000, but I can’t put a finger on the product. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but Panini is trying to make you remember it this time around.

Releasing in July 2012 is 2012 Panini Momentum football with quite possibly the biggest haul of “hit” cards in a football product for the year. 10 packs per box with one hit per 3-card pack. This totals out to 1 Momentum Rookies Signatures card, 3 or 4 rookie autographs, and 5 or 6 memorabilia cards. This product is loaded with the hits.

But wait, that’s not it with the hits. There is an insert set in this product called “Studs”, and it’s not what you may think it is. This subset features players who are known to wear the “bling” on their ears. They can have bling, so why not you? Each of these cards is embedded with diamonds itself.

But back to the real hits. Each Momentum Rookies Signatures card will feature and autograph and three memorabilia pieces. You can also find more rookie memorabilia with the Head of the Class material cards featuring up to 4 pieces of memorabilia embedded. Are current and past stars your thing? Then you’ll love the Souvenir Signatures subset featuring autographs from players of today and the past.

This looks to be an interesting product from Panini, reminding me of a SPGU/Triple Threads mix. Check it out in July, where it’s sure to be hot.

For more information, check out the official Panini blog. You’ll find more information and more of these lovely pictures.

Preview: 2011-12 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey (SPGU)

Releasing tomorrow is one of Upper Deck’s flagship memorabilia based products that has been coming out for several years now. 2011-12 Upper Deck SP Game Used hockey will return featuring a ton of game used and autograph cards from your favorite NHL rookies and stars in the league.

SPGU features everything from your plain jersey card to stick cards, patch cards, autographs, and even goalie pads this year. Every pack will contain a memorabilia or autographed card in this box so the excitement is there with every pack you open.

And at 6 packs per box, you are getting a ton of what you collectors look for when opening products like this…the hits! So you’ll get 6 hits per box along with 2-3 rookies.

Some of the new additions this year include manufactured patch autographs of letters and numbers, a subset of autographs of 500 goal scorers, Trophy Marks manufactured patch autographs, Rookie Faceoff patches from All-Star Weekend, and Supreme Pads featuring ginormous pieces of leg pads from some of the games greatest goaltenders.

The new additions are great, but this product seems to have an issue with unnumbered plain jersey cards, so I’m hoping with these additions there are less of those plain jersey cards this year which ends up in the dollar bins. So I hope Upper Deck added some value in this direction.

We’ll see it all when this product releases tomorrow, April 12, 2012. Each box should run around $180.

I also have the checklist for 2011-12 Upper Deck SP Gamed Used hockey for your disposal as well.

Preview: 2011-12 Panini Past and Present Basketball

As I stated lats night, today we would feature the next Panini basketball product after Preferred…and that is Past and Present basketball.

If you’ve been waiting for a product that finally has some rookies in it, this one is it. Although they come in redemption form, you will get your fix of rookies in this product. Not only will they feature rookies from 2011-12, 2012-13 will be included as well. While I don’t have complete details on it yet, rest assured I will keep you rookie collectors updated.

But besides the rookie redemptions, this product will be an interesting mix of both vintage and modern day card designs. With new card designs and technology being used in insert sets like Breakout, Changing Times, Fireworks, Raining 3s, you will see some of the new technology at work.

There will also be 2 different vintage style designs as well in this product, which makes me believe that Panini’s original plans for this season included a vintage designed product as well as this new technology. However, the lockout played a role in mashing them together, kind of like Preferred.

On May 9th, 2012, you will find this product in stores. At 20 packs per box and 3 autographs with 1 memorabilia card, the hit collectors will be excited with the 3 autographs. (Myself included) You will also find a large number of inserts as well as you do with most sports card products nowadays, as well as some short prints.

For now, you can check out the official Panini Peek here.