A Gift From Jim Irsay – Owner of the Indianapolis Colts

So I really wanted to do a video of me opening the package. I didn’t want to have to break out the camera and film from there so I tried from my laptop. FireFox wasn’t cooperating so I used IE. Halfway through, boom-pow! IE blows up in my face effectively losing the video.

But thanks to voodoo technology, I was able to take a picture with my cell phone camera!

Jim Irsay is definitely now a dear friend to the blog. He has probably never read the blog, nor ever will unless he Googles himself all the time. The guy is a billionaire, he probably has minions do it for him. I would express all my gratitude toward him in this blog post, however, I am going to hand write him a letter so he knows how much this means to me. I am doing it because it really does mean a lot to me. It’s not the alcohol or the Red Bull that I am most appreciative of, it’s the single Benjamin. Just know, this generosity does not go unnoticed.

The Colts have moved up in my personal favorite team Power Rankings and will likely stay in that position for as long as Mr. Irsay owns the team.

  1. Bucs
  2. Patriots
  3. Colts (+8)
  4. Seahawks (-1)
  5. Broncos (-1)

Mr. Irsay, again, thank you. Expect a handwritten letter to arrive on your desk sometime soon.