Nick Foles Fake Patch Destruction – Courtesy of Freedom Cardboard

Fake patches have been ruining the hobby for years. Some of the most expensive cards currently in the hobby have been destroyed by collectors trying to replace the patches inside in order to get a higher value for the card. The more colors or breaks in the patch, the better the premium.

Well today, there is one less fake patch on the market. A Nick Foles autographed patch rookie card from Topps Inception was recently discovered to be fake. A fake patch card, once discovered, is generally considered worthless. Even more worthless than a regular Nick Foles autographed patch rookie card. (Ouch, sorry Nick.)

Check out this video below posted on Freedom Cardboard today and watch that fake go up in flames.


NFL Week 5 SCB Rookie of the Week

Every week we have been recapping the best rookie performances of the week and showcasing some sweet trading cards you can find on the market of that player. Except for last week, who would of thought a kicker would have been the best rookie of the week? Only the “Legatron”.

This week, no kickers or punters. We had two performances in the NFL that stood out above the rest from first year players. Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins ran all over the field in his game. But that just wasn’t enough to beat the man who passed and drove his team to victory in the final minutes of the game.

Andrew Luck is our Week 5 NFL Rookie of the Week. The first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft beat the Green Bay Packers 30-27 in a real shootout towards the end. With his team down by 5 with under a minute to go, he was able to drive his team down for a score to win the game. 362 yards and 2 TDs against the Packers is no easy feat, and the victory sealed a signature moment in Luck’s young career.

With no Darelle Revis on the Jets, can Luck duplicate that performance this week?

His rookie cards took a turn up for the first time in awhile, but with already high prices, he needs more performances like that to take it to another level.

2012 Topps Inception Is A Hit; Plagued With Chipping Issues

Well just about everyone who knows anything about football cards knows that 2012 Topps Inception football would be a hit once again. After a popular first season last year, this year’s version was bound for great things. And it is another great product once again, no doubt about that.

But the chipping issues continue after last year’s product which also had similar issues. If you don’t remember our article last year about the altered 1/1 Cam Newton autograph, you will need to check that out.

The corners of these cards and the edges show quite a bit of white for a card with a black background. That is because the care of how these cards were handled and the white card stock really played a terrible role in creating such issues from occurring.

I don’t know if it’s the athletes handling these cards or if it’s Topps mishandling the cards, but something needs to be done for future releases of this product to guarantee top condition. I remember opening UD Black cards and not having big issues with chipping, but I remember those cards being actual black card stock as well, which I’m not sure if Topps uses or not.

Topps does a fantastic job on design and execution of this product, I’m just disappointed with the quality of the final product as it goes out to collectors.

Preview: 2012 Topps Inception Football

The rookie product of mostly…well rookies, is back again for it’s sophomore season featuring some of the nicest rookie cards of the season. With on-card autographs, great design work, and pretty good value, this product hits the streets again trying to look for a repeated success after last season.

Each 7 card box will feature 2 base cards of NFL veterans, 2 parallels, there will be 2 autographed cards (either autograph or autograph relic), and a patch or regular memorabilia card. Topps also boasts that every player will be in their respective NFL uniform as well, especially after the tragedy of Bowman Signatures.

The usual favorites have returned as well, including the black with silver signature version of the cards numbered to 25 copies. These were the hit of the summer with this product and provided some of the nicest cards of the year.

You’ll also be able to find the usual patch autographs and multi-autographed cards as well as with last year’s product.

Coming out next Wednesday, July 11, 2012, will be the return of this great product. We only hope it stands the test of time as another year as a successful product from Topps. With the great rookie class and autographs from Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, and the rest of the draft family…it looks like it will repeat as a top product of the year.

It should be well worth the single Benjamin.

Hobby Warning: 2011 Topps Inception Cam Newton 1/1 Auto Altered

This is going to blow some of your minds, especially you high end rookie collectors out there.

I was browsing some sports card forums today and saw something I thought I would never see, although it doesn’t surprise me. The “holy grail” of 2011 Topps Inception cards, the 1/1 Cam Newton autographed rookie, had been sold on eBay. When the buyer received the card, he noticed something a little strange on the corner.

After further inspection, the person who sold him this card for $1300 had taken a black sharpie and attempted (poorly) at coloring in the corners of this card as it may had been chipped or had a bum corner coming out of the pack.

Why someone would do this to a card is unfathomable, especially a card of that value. Obviously he was trying to get an extra buck. From what I understand it’s some idiot kid. This same idiot kid runs group breaks as well on eBay.

Sports Card Blog recommends you never buy anything from nicksellsgamesncards on eBay or iamboxbreaks as this seller can’t be trusted for obvious reasons.

It’s a shame that such a great card will forever be tarnished by someone taking a sharpie to the corners.

You can see the buyer airing this information and his complaints at this link right here.