Preview: 2011-12 ITG Canada vs. The World Hockey

I really feel like I don’t give ITG enough credit and don’t cover their products enough. In fact, I really enjoy ITG products although I have never personally opened a box on my own. I’ve been meaning to get a box of 2010-11 ITG Between the Pipes, which I’ve heard and seen is phenomenal, but it seems as if I always get something else.

So today, that ends. ITG will be getting their due from this blog from now on and I will be treating them just like everybody else. So with that, let’s take a look at 2011-12 ITG Canada vs. The World hockey.

Each box of 2011-12 ITG Canada vs. The World hockey comes with 9 cards. This box will feature 4 game used cards, 2 authentic autographs, 1 100 Years of Hockey Card Collecting, and 2 non-memorabilia insert cards.

Some of the greatest international hockey players to ever grace the pond will be featured as autographs in this product like Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, and Pavel Bure. As mentioned, these autographs of international stars will be found at two per box.

You will also find 4 game used memorabilia cards per box including such sets as International Goalies, World’s Best, Canada’s Best, Completely Canadian, Canadian Cloth, and My Country, My Team. This is great for hockey collectors around the world even if you aren’t from the Great White North. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, ITG does some of the greatest work with memorabilia I have seen. Some of the patches and swatches they use are absolutely amazing, and I believe Dr. Price (the owner) personally picks swatches for all 1/1 cards.

You will continue to find 100 Years of Hockey Card Collecting mini cards in this product as it has been in several brands throughout the year. And finally, you will find a couple general inserts like Great Moments and Protecting Canada’s Crease cards, amongst others.

While looking at the sell sheet and some of the images above, this looks like a solid product with some great names in it.

You can find this product in stores on October 6, 2011, at a price I can not quite find yet. But when I find it, I will let you know.

What Box To Break?

Well I was hoping to bring a nice surprise retail break today of Gypsy Queen since everyone else is doing it, but Fred Meyer did not have any Gypsy Queen to be had. Sorry, I’m not going to drive a half-hour to try Target or go get shot at my Wal-Mart 20 minutes away. So with no Gypsies or Queens to be had, I pocketed the money to wait. There was a plethora of 2010 blasters available at my disposal, but nothing I really wanted. Oh, and NO HOCKEY! Why do I have to live in a state without any hockey love. Our WHL team is in the finals and they can’t even fill the lower bowl at the Rose Garden. So, my attempt to bring Gypsy Queen has failed.

So that leaves me with pretending I had cards to open. I was stuck looking at previews of products soon to come out. Sure, I have a little money in my PayPal account but it’ll take forever to get a hobby box here. Plus, I WAS going to save the majority of it for a couple boxes of 2010-11 Upper Deck Ultimate hockey but it was delayed…again, like every other Upper Deck product. I think it was pushed another month to June 24th. Same thing happened when I wanted to buy The Cup last year. I had the money available and they kept pushing it back. I ended up spending the money on something else.

Okay, I’m done ranting on that.

But a good thing did happen today. After I got home from failing to find some GQ, I looked in my mailbox and received a package from Panini. In March, I had opened a box of Certified hockey up in Edmonton and did not receive the correct number of hits. I’ve never requested a replacement before as I figured it was just luck of the draw but this time I did. I sent in all the information and my replacement was received today. It was this:

2010-11 Certified Certified Champion Jordan Staal Auto #/50

Not bad for a replacement, wish it was his brother Eric though. It’s definitely better then nothing and I thank Panini for sending me the hit I was missing in my box.

Speaking of boxes, I really want to open some boxes. I want to open one hobby box from each sport and review it here, preferably using each of the major card companies. So I need ideas. I also wouldn’t mind just one from each card company so we can see what each one brings to the table.

I would like at least one Topps, one Panini, and one Upper Deck. If I have anything extra I could try some ITG too. What should I review? Let me know your thoughts.

Panini Releases Preview of 2010-11 All Goalies Hockey

Since I am in a hockey mood still, today Panini America released a little teaser preview of 2010-11 All Goalies Hockey. This product will only come as a boxed set featuring 100 base cards, 5 parallels, and 1 memorabilia card. It features today’s goalies as well as legends such as Patrick Roy, Felix Potvin, and Curtis Joseph. This seems like a page directly taken from In The Game’s Between the Pipes series which is a constant hit amongst hardcore hockey collectors.

A set featuring just goaltenders has always been an intriguing proposition for collectors. This is like a product by Topps that features just pitchers in one product. I have always been a fan of the game as a whole, all players play equal parts on the team, but hockey may be a little different. Goaltenders are probably the most important piece to a successful hockey team. Do you think Carolina would of been in the playoff race if they didn’t have Cam Ward in goal? They gave up the most shots in the league, over 2000 actually, and still had a chance to make the playoffs. If a lesser goaltender were in goal, they may have been much closer to the cellar of the Eastern Conference despite having an above average offense this year.

I believe Panini may be putting this boxed set out as a feeler. I think if this set does well with collectors, next year you can expect a full fledged hobby box product from Panini featuring goaltenders, more similar to Between the Pipes.

If you are a fan of masked men who are the defenders of the goal, this product is right down your slot. Let’s just hope this is a goal and not one of those sprawling saves Dominik Hasek used to do. You can get your glove on this product scheduled for June 8, 2011. Okay, I promise no more hockey puns in this “post”.

Link to Panini’s announcement here: Panini Peek: 2010-11 All-Goalies

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