The eBay HOT PACK: Rip Off or Rewarding?

eBay is consistently littered with these auctions for “hot packs” of products where you are guaranteed a hit card in a seemingly random pack of cards. This can drive up the price of the single pack multiple times over what it would sell for at the hobby or retail shop. But is it worth it?

A lot of these sellers will sell these packs after they have “searched” both retail and hobby boxes looking for the hits. This either comes at the expense of your local retail store or a hobby shop that either allows it to happen or doesn’t notice. I will never get into these searching techniques. If you want to learn, you can Google how to search packs of cards. Unethical? Yes. Illegal? Not unless you are actually damaging the product and putting it back on the shelf. That’s a whole different topic.

There are other sellers who are running even shadier practices. I’ve seen a lot of collectors buy a “hot pack” on eBay and then notice that the pack of cards if partially torn open. These “hot packs” are just repackaged to look like they are random packs, but in fact they are planned and seeded that way.

Personally, I would stay away from these packs as you can never tell if you are getting a fair deal. It also encourages those to “search” the packs at your local store which may result in you or another collector no longer having the same odds to pull one of the hit cards. Personally, I prefer to go to card shops that sell single packs behind the counter or buy blasters/rack packs from retail stores to avoid this.

If you want to get hit cards and aren’t willing to try these “hot packs” which can be rip offs, have you tried group breaks yet? You can usually get some nice hit cards, some of extraordinary value, for a cheap price if you’re lucky. There are a few group break sites out there. My personal favorite and the one that I trust the most is MojoBreak. Check them out and get involved in their group breaks. I did and was able to grab a SWEET 2012 Panini Prestige Doug Martin Patch Auto! The best rookie from my favorite football team.

Check them out, in my opinion, group breaks are a much better alternative to the risky business of eBay hot packs.