Review: 2011-12 Panini Certified Hockey

The Certified hockey is back bringing you some of the first rookie autographs of the season from your favorite rookies and stars. Couple that with some other great memorabilia cards and the popular mirror parallels, this is usually an early season hit with the hockey collectors out there trying to grab this year’s earlier cards. Let’s see what I pulled and you won’t believe it.

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And oh, this is definitely a hot box so it’s hard to review.

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(Not pictured: Brandon Saad Freshmen Signatures Redemption)


I really like the design of the product this year with the starburst effect. The foil board really makes it stand out and I think it’s one of Panini’s better hockey designs, so I hope this is a new trend going into hockey this year as Panini’s designs are usually easily identifiable and get kind of redundant after awhile. I like this change of pace and think they did a great job with this product’s design. The base, the inserts I did get, all looked great. It’s hard to grade design when you get mostly hits in this hot box, but these cards did look good.


While the checklist is above average because of all the rookie autographs put into the product this early in the season, it’s not great. The lack of legends you might find is kinda low. This may have to do with some exclusivity issues with other companies, but I do understand it’s hard to compete when there are exclusive autograph contracts done. I’m sure there are a few legends out there who don’t sign much you can add to a few of your products like Certified. I just find it lacks the star power in the legends arena.


This one is too hard for me to do myself with the hot box, so I relied more at a number of breaks online. With what I’ve seen, it looks like you can get some pretty decent hits in this product, but we don’t have as many hot rookies as last year. The Nuge is selling for a ton, but others aren’t so lucky in that regard. My rookies aren’t great and I didn’t pull one of the rookie jerseys, but the low numbered patches, jerseys, and parallels would do well on the secondary market. Oh, and got to love the on-card autograph I received.


Overall, this is a solid early season offering from Panini. The new designs look great and I hope it is a sign of great things to come this season. The checklist could use a little more star power in the legends front especially in the autograph selection, but there are a ton of nice veteran autographs to be found. The value is there in most boxes, but the rookies really aren’t helping this season as only RNH is putting up big numbers, but we might see those rise with the breakout of a couple more rookies throughout this season or next. It’s just hard to review a few things with a hot box. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all and it was a blast.

As always, a big thank you goes out to Panini America for providing this product for review.

Video to come up soon, writing this too late tonight.