Sponsorship With And1Cards Announced




SportsCardBlog and And1Cards of Clarence, New York, have teamed up in a sponsorship deal that will greatly benefit both sites. And1Cards.com is having a huge relaunch party this week and we want you to be a big part of it. But you’ll need to read the rest of this release to find out how.

And1Cards.com is a shop in New York that has decided to feature alot of the products they sell in-store, online as well. They offer a variety of sports card products, group breaks, as well as memorabilia and other items that you may have a difficult time finding anywhere else online. They will be starting their relaunch with a huge “break-a-thon” throughout the month where they will be busting a case of every 2012 football product that has come out. And you’ll only be able to sign up with them.

They will also be featuring a rewards program where every dollar you spend with them gives you one point. The top point getter at the end of each month will receive an awesome prize with them that will be announed at the beginning of the month. There will also be a couple consolation prizes as well! It will be rewarding to do business with them.

Now in order to get you started with them, I’m giving away one $50 gift card to their site that can be used on whatever you wish. Want to know how you can win the gift card? Well there are two ways to gain entry.

#1: Find my tweet about this contest on my Twitter page, and make sure you retweet that tweet and follow me @SportsCardBlog. Make sure you follow @And1Cards while you’re at it too.

#2: Visit their site at And1Cards.com and tell me what member of the Indiana Pacers is the player in which they pulled a Gold Prizm of from 2012 Panini Prizm basketball. It will be located under the tab “In-Store Hits”. (Comments hidden to protect contest!) Answer must be posted here in the Comments section.

Update: Since that page mysteriously disappeared…tell me the name of one of the autographed helmets they have for sale! If it does pop back up, either answer will work, but only one entry will be given for a correct answer to either question!

Contest ends Wednesday at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be randomly chosen and a code will be emailed to you that will give you $50 off your order!

So make sure you visit And1Cards.com and check them out. Those group breaks will be insane!

2012 Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sports Card Deals

Black Friday 2012 is coming up, and you want to get a great deal on sports card for either yourself or that collector in your family. Or maybe you just want to get me present for providing you all these free contests and all this information in one place. *wink* But we have compiled a list of some of the best 2012 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sports card deals across the internet.

This page will be updated as more information comes in. Bookmark this page and make sure you check back periodically. If your business is not listed, please email me.

Card Shops:

Dave & Adam’s Card World

DACW is once again providing a huge sale on sports cards across their inventory with both high end and low end going on sale. Prices on 2012 Exquisite, Fleer Retro, Bowman Chrome, and more are on sale. FOUR new deals every hour for 3 DAYS!  It’s going to be a party once again so make sure you check them out as EVERYONE will be doing the same thing, making some of the deals hard to get, but worth the time.

Blowout Cards

Door buster deals throughout the day from 6am to 4pm EST! Various contests for free stuff on their forums and some eBay themed promotions as well, just like past years which have been HUGE successes. Tom has promised it will live up to the hype it always creates, so it is definitely worth a shot.

Atlanta Sports Cards

In addition to the low prices they will have on just about every product, they will be giving away a ton of free items like memorabilia, boxes, and gift cards with just about every purchase! Sounds like a great set up to me!

Group Breaks:


One of the premier group break sites on the internet is having their own celebration of Black Friday with every group break being 16% off! If you spend $20+ with them, you will also be entered into a free group break! That sounds like a sweet deal for group breaks to me! Just added! $1 group break doorbusters starting at 10am PST!


LiveCaseBreak is holding a Black Friday promotion where every spot in a case break you buy in from Friday until Sunday, you will be entered to win a number of free cards. Everyone is guaranteed a prize it seems, so why wouldn’t you want free cards for Black Friday with your order?

Company Promotions:

Panini America

Panini’s Black Friday promotion will be returning to stores again in 2012. For the earliest information, check out this link from Panini. I will probably end up with a giant write up about it when all the details are released depending on my schedule.


CheckOutMyCards is one of the leading sites in people selling their single cards online and they will be holding a Black Friday sale as well. COMC will give you .10 for every item purchased and shipped on Black Friday. You can also get free shipping on orders of 10+ cards. Sellers also get a bonus of .25 per item sold, towards their next processing shipment, that is put on sale for Black Friday. Sellers and buyers win here. Check them out.

The eBay HOT PACK: Rip Off or Rewarding?

eBay is consistently littered with these auctions for “hot packs” of products where you are guaranteed a hit card in a seemingly random pack of cards. This can drive up the price of the single pack multiple times over what it would sell for at the hobby or retail shop. But is it worth it?

A lot of these sellers will sell these packs after they have “searched” both retail and hobby boxes looking for the hits. This either comes at the expense of your local retail store or a hobby shop that either allows it to happen or doesn’t notice. I will never get into these searching techniques. If you want to learn, you can Google how to search packs of cards. Unethical? Yes. Illegal? Not unless you are actually damaging the product and putting it back on the shelf. That’s a whole different topic.

There are other sellers who are running even shadier practices. I’ve seen a lot of collectors buy a “hot pack” on eBay and then notice that the pack of cards if partially torn open. These “hot packs” are just repackaged to look like they are random packs, but in fact they are planned and seeded that way.

Personally, I would stay away from these packs as you can never tell if you are getting a fair deal. It also encourages those to “search” the packs at your local store which may result in you or another collector no longer having the same odds to pull one of the hit cards. Personally, I prefer to go to card shops that sell single packs behind the counter or buy blasters/rack packs from retail stores to avoid this.

If you want to get hit cards and aren’t willing to try these “hot packs” which can be rip offs, have you tried group breaks yet? You can usually get some nice hit cards, some of extraordinary value, for a cheap price if you’re lucky. There are a few group break sites out there. My personal favorite and the one that I trust the most is MojoBreak. Check them out and get involved in their group breaks. I did and was able to grab a SWEET 2012 Panini Prestige Doug Martin Patch Auto! The best rookie from my favorite football team.

Check them out, in my opinion, group breaks are a much better alternative to the risky business of eBay hot packs.

SCB Review: MojoBreak.com (Contest Included!)

MojoBreak.com is one of the seemingly endless number of sports card group break sites out there. Nowadays, there are new group break sites popping up daily. You need to know where the most trustworthy group breaks are, right? Well, the fine folks at Mojo Break wanted me to experience their product firsthand and were able to give me a shot in one of their group breaks for 2012 Panini Prestige football.

The type of break was a team draft style break. Everyone in the group break was listed and then randomized for draft order. The people in the break then picked the teams they wanted from the product. Of course, with this season being hyped up for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the Colts and Redskins were the first two teams taken. As for me, I was way down in the 20s. I was stunned and happy when my favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still available, so I snatched them up. Every person gets the cards pulled from their team of choice.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my draft spot. I had thought about giving it away, but depending on where my draft position was, I thought giving away a card from the break would be better. Then I was able to grab my favorite team, so that threw another bone into what I wanted to do.

Then finally, my one hit from the product was this card:

The one card I wanted from the product for my PC was pulled. Ah, crap. Well…it looks like I’ll have to give SOMETHING away for this good luck.

So instead of giving away a PC card, which every collector would hate to do, I have a couple things here I’m going to give away to one person:

2012 Prestige Passports Ryan Broyles RC autograph and Prestige Picks Andrew Luck RC. I’ll also throw in a few more goodies as well.


All you have to do to enter this contest is click on the little box on the right that will direct you to MojoBreak.com. Check out their site, maybe join a group break or two if that’s your thing, and report back to me what you think of their site or services. Simple as that. One random entrant will receive the two cards listed above. This contest will run for one week, so get moving!

Marketing Your Card Shop: In-Store Activities

In-store activities are some of the best ways to market your card shop and get repeat customers. Some of the in-store activities cost very little, if nothing, while some do cost some money up front. Let’s go over a few ideas collectors and I have come up with.

Group Breaks

Finding hobby trends that collectors really enjoy involves getting to know your clients. You can do that by chatting with your customers or seeing what is popular online on the numerous forums and blogs. One of the recent popular things is called the group break.

Having a group break in your store is a great way to move product quickly and efficiently. Everyone pays for either a slot or a team. You can then open the entire box and the contents go to those who paid to get in the group break. Places like Clouts n Chara go through several cases of products of hockey products due to their eager collectors. Their prices are even marked up compared to the price of the product as well and the lower price of the split cost makes selling the slots to less wealthy customers easier.

Hold a group break a week or bi-weekly and you’ll be happy you did. Just make sure you give ample time to market the group break and if it’s a slot break, get some pre-orders to the group break in.

Youth Sports

Start them young. You have all that extra base laying around or cheap game used/autograph cards that you want to get off your shelves? Pack them up in team bags and go visit your local youth sports leagues. Not only will you be starting collectors young, but adding in a simple business card can help spread the word about where they can find more sports cards. Easy marketing at minimal cost. Or to make it an in-store activity, have the youth come to your shop in uniform to receive the free cards or packs.

In-Store Signings

One of the biggest draws can be in-store signings. Getting a Hall of Famer or popular player on a local professional sports team is a great way to get more people in the door. Combine that with maybe an appearance by an authenticator or grading service like BGS or Tri-Star, and you got yourself a winner. You can easily buy a number of things that people can get signed as well and sell those at the door. You can also get extra items signed for your shop to sell either in your store front or online. It’s a great way to get some additional income and market your store at the same time.

All of these things are great ways to improve your business by holding activities that will bring traffic to your shop. More traffic is equal to more business.