Preview: 2011 Topps Gridiron Legends Football

Topps is bringing out a brand new releases this season that showcases some of the game’s past legends, current legends, and future legends. Like what I did there? Everyone one of these legend filled boxes will have a guaranteed 4 hits per hobby box which include a bevy of autographs and relics.

Some of the autographs include autographed rookie cards, 1956 Topps reprint autographs with players who were in that set, Legends autographs with autographs from former stars and Hall of Famers, Canton Hopefuls autographs from players who could be inducted someday in the future, Future Legends autographs with autographs from the cream of the rookie crop, dual and triple autographs, and Stamp of Approval autographs with autographs from the player and a stamp from their home state. Alot of these autographs have a limited patch autograph version as well which should turn out nice for some lucky collectors who hit one of those.

Also, collectors will find some relic cards like Gridiron Legacies relics, Aspiring Legacies relics which are rookie relics, and Legendary Combo relics which are dual relics of two legends of the game.

You will also find 1 parallel per pack and 9 inserts per box.

At $78 a box with 18 packs per box and 8 cards per pack, you might be able to find some good value from this product. I’m really digging the design for this too so I’m hoping this product lives up to the sell sheet when it arrives in stores on October 12, 2011.