Ernie Els Signs First Autographed Trading Card Deal

Former number one world ranked golfer Ernie Els has finally signed a trading card deal with Upper Deck for the upcoming 2011-12 SP Authentic Golf set.

The former U.S. Open champion from South Africa will be signing his first autographed trading cards that will be inserted into the set with other widely known and popular golfers such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Golf collectors everywhere should be excited to hear this news as not only has he never had an autographed trading card on the market, but he is a great golfer and contributes quite a bit to charity off the course.

Additionally, Upper Deck is adding some other top names in sports who are actually quite the golfers themselves, in order to add some value. You can find autographs from stars such as Wayne Gretzky, Drew Brees, and Michael Jordan in the new “Parade of Stars” insert set.

Stay tuned for our full preview of 2011-12 SP Authentic Golf which releases on July, 10, 2012.

Happy Father’s Day 2011!

Mary Riley of Benchwarmer says Happy Father’s Day in this card. It is from 2009 but forget about that, it’s Mary Riley.

This Father’s Day surely is a great one for all you fathers out there. For one, if you’re reading this post, you get to see the beautiful Mary Riley in a Father’s Day commemorative card.

Secondly, there will be a ton of great inter-league baseball for all you dads to watch this afternoon into the evening hours.

Third, if you aren’t into baseball you’re surely into golf. You can watch the final round of the US Open and see if Rory McIlroy can hold his lead at this major tournament this time around.

Finally, when the sun goes down it will only get hotter when the 2011 Miss USA Pagaent will be live on NBC.

What a great Father’s Day lineup for dad to sit home and enjoy the best things the world has to offer for men. Sports and women. While you’re at it, make it even better and crack open a couple cold ones.*

*If you’re of legal age: 21 in the US and 18 everywhere else that has their heads on straight. Otherwise, have yourself an O’Douls or root beer.

While I am not a father as of right now, I will be enjoying all of these things as the fiancee will be working.

And remember to support prostate cancer awareness on this day. If they find a preventative cure, you will no longer need those special appointments where you are afraid to look at your doctor afterwards.