Review: 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball

Last year’s 2010-11 Gold Standard set a mark for future products and the success of the product brought it back for a second season. The price point stays the same at about $200 a box and there are a few tweaks to a very good product last season that collectors will notice. With more of a game used element with the autographs, less inserts, more base, and the same number of hits, the basics are generally the same with this product. Want to see what’s in your typical box break? Well here we go…


The design of this product is about as clean of a design as you can get with the foilboard. I really enjoyed the design as there wasn’t too much going on in the background. The base cards look great, and my favorite design has to be the Signs of Gold autographs. It’s almost the perfect design for the autograph placement and picture. The one thing I didn’t like which I will complain about for just about every product is the sideways autographs. This product features some of them and I just need everything to be uniform design-wise. I think if they put the Career Points over on the right instead of the autograph like the game used cut outs, it would have been much better. Otherwise, I really enjoy most every design that I pulled. Good work on changing it just enough to keep the collector interested this year.


I don’t think the checklist is as good as last year’s product. The one improvement I see is the cutting down of the inserts and including more base cards. That makes set collecting possible and really improves the feel of the break. But I think it has just enough of the legends and current stars to keep it interesting. With a few different retired stars and a few different current players in the product it changes things up, but there are more players out there who would make a better appearance in this product to improve the checklist which would also improve the…


Value wise, it’s a little tough this year. Last year’s checklist was a little bit better and the additions to this year’s product weren’t quite as good. For instance, we pulled Earl Monroe. Once a great player, not many autographs, sells alright. The rookie autograph redemptions, good work getting those out, but waiting until October for the draft is too long. Finally, Kevin Martin as an autograph hit in a $200 product isn’t good. Include the fact you’ll get two plain game used jersey cards in the $200 product and you’re hurting. This is a product that screams one patch per box as your game used hit. Make that Dirk a patch and have a cut out “5 piece” game used card, and it’s a bit easier. It definitely has room for improvement in this department next year, but it’s just more of the little things. I’ve been tired of plain game used jerseys in expensive products for awhile without patches, and I’m going to continue that until I see results in products.


Overall, this is an average to below average break for the product. The design is well done this year and is very clean and really focuses on what you need to focus on located on the card. I could do without the vertical autographs though. The checklist needs a little work but I do like the cutting out of the numerous plain old inserts from last year and think that makes for a better opening experience as well as collecting the base cards. The value needs a little work and I really want to see a patch included in every box instead of two game used pieces. 1 game used jersey, 1 game used patch. That’s all I ask for in a $200 product when it comes to memorabilia. That’s not a stretch offer.

As always, a big thank you goes out to the folks at Panini America for providing this box for review. You can find them online at their official site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with them.

Preview: 2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball

One of my favorite basketball products from last year returns for it’s sophomore season, and season 2 won’t be disappointing. From solid gold cards, to gold pieces, and some fantastic autographs and memorabilia cards…well you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Each 10-card box of this product will all gold themed once again. It will feature one 2011-12 Draft Class Redemption Autograph, two additional autographs, and two memorabilia cards. Yes, I know Panini is doing redemptions for the rookies, however, isn’t that better than no rookies at all?

Besides the solid gold cards and the gold embedded cards, Panini will feature cards with autographs from the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players known as Greatest Graphs, Hall of Famers in the Marks of the Hall autograph subset, 14k Memorabilia Prime insert featuring a nice piece of memorabilia from one of the 14,000 point scorers in NBA history, and other great goodies like the Bullion Brand Logos featuring some HUGE swatches from the jersey tags on the player’s jerseys.

As I said, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this the second time around.

This product is set to release in July and will probably retail around $200, the same price as last year. Check out a couple links on Panini’s blog for more information and photos!

For a comparison, check out our review of 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard basketball.

I Miss Andre Miller

As a Blazers fan, I miss Andre Miller. I miss him so much I picked up this 2011 Panini Gold Standard autograph of ‘Dre. I love this card. As I mentioned in my review of Gold Standard last season, I just love the design and the set itself. To have an underrated Blazer featured in a higher end set is nice for a Portland fan by myself, although others may be disappointed.

(And I grabbed this photo off eBay since I can’t seem to find mine…I’ve never lost a card so I’m sad.)

‘Dre was the pure point guard. Great passer, penetrated the paint, and scored when he needed to. The guy even put up 50 points in a single game as a Blazer because he needed to score that night and the defense wasn’t keep him honest.

While he wasn’t a premier point guard, he was very underrated and the Blazers are feeling it now. Raymond Felton is not the answer to the point guard problem in Portland. The Blazers haven’t had a serviceable point guard in years and blew their chances at a franchise point guard after they drafted Sebastian Telfair.

If the Blazers can trade for a better point guard by the time the NBA trade deadline hits, without losing their depth, watch out. You’ll have a serious NBA Championship contender in Portland. If they didn’t trade Andre Miller, you might be saying that already.


Review: 2011 Panini Gold Standard Football

Panini’s Gold Standard line is moving to football from the basketball arena and it looks just as good, if not better, then it’s basketball counterpart. While I kind of liked the entrapped autographs, when they weren’t cutting off the signatures, they seemed to have done away with those types of autographs in football and changed things up a bit.

Our box is in for review and here are some images of what we pulled. Remember, we have just started to try out this little slideshow feature, so if you don’t like it please let me know so I can try something else. If you love it, well tell me that too. Just trying to get less clutter on the review posts.

[portfolio_slideshow showcaps=true pagerpos=disable]


As Beckett’s Chris Olds said in a Twitter post, this is probably the best use of foil board to date. And it rings true. I really like the design of this product with the gold foil board and the designs put forth on the cardboard. It really has an elegant and gold feel from opening up the gold bar shaped box to shuffling through the gold colored cards to see what you pulled. A couple of things I didn’t like though starts with the big white boxes for rookie autograph stickers. Okay, I get that these might stay around for awhile until something is figured out so here is a new idea. A white rectangle the size and shape of a sticker where you just place the sticker on top of it. It wouldn’t take away from the entire bottom part of the card. I’m also still not huge on the layout of the non-memorabilia inserts with the team logo. Sometimes it looks okay, but it just doesn’t look incorporated well in inserts like the Rivers.


For $200 you better have the checklist to back it up and Panini provides a great checklist for you to chase after. From the great looking rookie autographs in the silver pen to even some cards embedded with diamonds from super bowl winners, you can pull the hottest rookies and the greatest to ever take the field. You can really just pull about anyone in this product which I really like. I do think there may be too many rookies in this product however and that would be really my only complaint.


$200 for a box is a tough sell when you have plain jersey cards of rookies in the product. There is a huge potential for hit or miss in this product and having the plain rookie jerseys in it really puts a damper on the value. At least patch these bad boys up in your second highest priced product of the year. I got a total of one patch, on the Locker, and it’s not only numbered to 325, it’s a single color patch. Oy vey. It’s a little rough, but at least it’s of a top rookie. I can’t imagine if I pulled a Jerrel Jernigan or Bilal Powell as my rookie patch autograph and the rest of the cards I pulled. Discounting maybe some bad luck for some, there is the potential for huge hits as well with diamond embedded Super Bowl autographed cards and NFL Shields that could bring in quite a bit of money, as well as autographs from the top rookies of the year. Products like this are always hit or miss so you’ll have a lot of complaints.


Overall, this product has a solid design with a great use of foil board and the gold shines beautifully on these cards. With a few tweaks here and there I think it could look even better. But what would look better then some of the diamond embedded Super Bowl ring cards this product delivers featuring a great checklist of Super Bowl legends. Or maybe even a nice silver inked rookie autographed patch from a hot rookie. But you better hope you get lucky and pull a popular name as the other hits with plain jerseys and high numbered hits may drag down the value a little bit. $200 is a bit rough of a price to start out with, but if you wait it out a month or two, prices should drop a bit and you might find some better value. But if you’re up for a gamble, this is a very fun product to rip open.

As always, a big thank you goes out to Panini America for providing this product for review.

How Much Gold is in Panini Gold Standard?

I was scouring the internet tonight in search of some collectors thoughts on some products. I do this quite a lot just to see what is currently the trends in the hobby and where they are going. I like seeing what collectors like and what they don’t like, their opinions, and of course checking out their box breaks.

But tonight I found something different. The question was posed, how much gold is actually in 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard basketball cards? I found a collector who actually went “Gold Mining” on a Gold Stars insert card that is embedded with real gold. A gold embedded Shane Battier card numbered to 8 gets the brunt end of a knife and a collector who really wants some gold.

With all respect to Shane Battier, it’s only Shane Battier. With the current price of gold reaching an all-time high for an ounce the other day, how could you blame him?

But at least we now know the answer of how much gold is in 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard basketball. As expected, it’s not a large amount, but it is a cool idea that collectors are eating up. Topps is even getting into the gold craze next year with 2012 Topps baseball. I wonder if he will destroy an Adam Dunn gold card next season?