Preview: 2011 Upper Deck USA Football Hobby Box Set

The future stars of America’s most popular sport are upon us. Upper Deck has decided to grab the license to produce USA Football cards featuring some of the best….high school football players in the nation.

On a personal note, this is an interesting development. Getting these kids to sign and getting pieces of their jerseys are interesting. And the fact these will be the first cards, some autographed, of future college and NFL players makes things even more interesting. I guess it just depends on how collectors react to them. Talk about prospecting, this may take it to a whole other level.

Anyway, each of these box sets will feature 45 cards of all the top players in the country who represent the United States in international competition. Each box will feature 1 autograph and 2 game used jersey cards in these boxed sets. These include autographed jersey swatches and patch cards as well, in limited numbers.

And that’s about it. Boxed sets aren’t filled with too much, but it’s definitely good to start the product out with a bang to garner some interest. While high school players don’t get huge recognition and the names aren’t that big, it’s just a matter of time before these guys are playing for your favorite college team or are getting drafted to the NFL.

For $38 a box and that kind of a content, if you have an itch, this product may be worth opening and seeing what the players do in a few years time. We may have some future Heisman Trophy winners in here? Future #1 picks? Who knows? Check it out on May 15, 2012.

Need to find the checklist for 2011 Upper Deck USA Football?

Preview: 2011 Tristar Obak Baseball

With the 100th Anniversary of Obak baseball cards this year, Tristar is prepped and primed for another season with 2011 Tristar Obak baseball. With possibly Tristar’s best lineup of cards in recent memory, this product looks to be the best unlicensed product of the season and even looks better than several licensed products.

This product features 6 cards per pack and 24 cards per box with 24 boxes per case. There will be only 75 cases of this product produced which means, after some internet math, there will only be 1800 boxes of this product released.

Inside each box is where all the goodness appears. There will be 11 hits per box inside this product, so there will be a ton of great stuff inside for you to pull. But I use the term “hits” very loosely. At least 4 of the hits will be autographs with 1 cut signature card per box. The cut signatures can range anywhere from Mantle, Aaron, and DiMaggio to probably very much lesser known players. But the possibilities look great on that front. All autographs will be numbered to 100 or less and features both legends of the game and future stars like Ken Griffey Jr. and Manny Banuelos.

2 other “hits” will be paralleled cards numbered to 25 or less. There will be 1 T212 mini card numbered to 75 or less for the next “hit” with some versions being autographed. There will also be 3 short print cards considered “hits” and the last “hit” will be 1 T4 limited edition cabinet card numbered to 80 or less.

I love the vintage design of the base cards in this product as well, despite not being able to use any official baseball logos.

Overall, this looks like a fun product to open as the possibilities for good hits are there, but as always with Tristar it appears to be very hit or miss.

You can view the 2011 Tristar Obak baseball sell sheet here as I couldn’t find any photos of the cards to display. This product is available right now at the National Sports Collectors Convention or will be available in stores on August 10, 2011.