Preview: 2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football

Panini is back with a reformatted 2011 Panini Plates & Patches football to improve on the solid product from last season. I enjoyed last seasons product and watching all the pretty nice group breaks and box breaks of the product.

The first improvement is the new on-card signed rookie patch cards that will be in the product this year. The top 36 rookies, probably who attended the NFL Rookie Premiere, will all have on-card autographs. This includes Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Randall Cobb. All of these rookie autographs will be numbered to 499 or less.

Also new and improved this year is the insert set called Signal Callers which will feature some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, with a nice list of autographs for that set.

Each box of 2011 Panini Plates & Patches football will have 10 cards in it. You will get one on-card rookie autographed patch card, two more autographs numbered to 499 or less, and two memorabilia cards numbered to 299 or less. It will be rounded out with some inserts and base cards as well. There will be some great 1 of 1 printing plates found in this set including autographed printing plates, some with prime memorabilia and some without.

This product is set to release on December 14, so look out for this improved product!

Make sure you check out the Panini Peek for 2011 Plates & Patches football!

Plates and Patches rookies part 1!

Plates and Patches rookies part 2!

Preview: 2011 Topps Supreme Football

Topps is bringing back 2011 Topps Supreme football for it’s sophomore season after a successful rookie campaign. Will it face the sophomore slump? Or will it continue its success on the field and be a MVP candidate?

I’m thinking the latter. This product looks loaded with some great autographs and memorabilia cards. I’m impressed and would consider this, so far, to be a must get football product this season. It reminds me of the Upper Deck Ultimate Collection brand which has been a staple at that company and is always a favorite with collectors.

Let’s start with a standard box break and go from there. Each box/pack should yield one autographed card that is numbered, one autographed relic card or relic card that is numbered, one parallel, and two base cards. This is a great upgrade over last year where some boxes only had a plain old jersey card.

There are 16 boxes in a case, but every box will have some sort of different type of case hits. Per case there are four autographed relics, four autographed rookie cards, one multi-autographed card, one single player autograph, one additional autograph of those listed, and five Supreme relics. So that means 11 out of the 15 boxes in the case should have two autographs while the other 5 will have some nice relic pieces. Oh, and a surprise, Red Zone autographs of the rookies in the Rookie Premiere will be randomly inserted, not messing with these ratios, as a bonus! That works for me! I would of bought Supreme last year if it was like this so instead I picked up singles.

Every card is numbered (except regular base) in some form. Topps is famous for it’s parallels so as with most every Topps product, every card will be paralleled in some fashion.

The autographs and relics can also be found from single player relics and autographs all the way up to eight player relics or autographs in book form!

Honestly, this looks to be one of the must buy football products of the season. And at around $100, it is right in the right price range for most serious collectors. The only problem about this product? It doesn’t come out until January 2012, but that means there is plenty of time to save the pennies!

January can’t come soon enough. I mean, check out this checklist!

Preview: 2011 Topps Prime Football

Yeah, I’m still under the weather. But now I have all this time that I can either sleep with the medications they’ve given me or stay awake and wait until this passes. I like to be awake, so why not preview the last professional football product from my September 2011 releases?

Topps Prime football releases again this year, but looking a little better in the design department. Last year’s product was okay, I mean it wasn’t terrible and the base design was great, but this year the Topps design team has stepped it up a bit. I would say it looks kind of like some Exquisite designs of old, with some new ideas.

Each box will feature 1 autographed relic card, 1 autographed rookie, and 2 relics cards. The relics they use for this product again feature quite the variety. You can find gloves, footballs, wristbands, patches, and both home and away jerseys. A wide variety for such a mid-range product, which is a great thing as if you’re going to rip a box and get relics it is nice to get something different for once.

You can also find 1 insert per pack which is designed like the regular relic cards, just without the relic. You will also find 1 rookie per pack and 4 veterans. With a total of 10 packs per box, this looks to be a solid mid-range product with the potential for some great hits like booklets, autographed patches, and great relic pieces.

This product is set to release on September 28, 2011, for a price around $85 right now.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I’m a little bit under the weather. We’ll just say that I have things in my body trying to escape and it’s very painful. Very small, but very sharp things.

So tonight I am letting you know I have some things coming up that you just don’t want to miss. Starting week 2 of the NFL season, we will have some big, big things going on here at Sports Card Blog.

So if you are not visiting this blog around September 15th, you will be missing out on the start of some big things that will be going on throughout the entire 2011 NFL season. You won’t want to miss it. I will be giving away some of the best prizes you have ever seen, including a huge prize!

Stay tuned for more information right before the Week 2 games.

Preview: 2011 Panini Limited Football

Today on Panini’s official blog, they revealed the details of 2011 Panini Limited football and it looks to be an improvement over last year’s product and that deserves some praise from just about anyone.

Although the photos used are still from the Rookie Premiere as this product was already in the starting stages by the time training camp started, they do a pretty good job with these photos even if you can tell that they’ve been used before. But the design in general is definitely an improvement in my opinion.

Some new additions this season include pieces of hats worn by 13 players at the NFL Draft numbered to 199 or less and a new “Limitless” insert numbered to 199 or less that features some autographs from some very hard to get players like Michael Vick, Sam Bradford, and Adrian Peterson. I must say, I approve of that subset name as well as I know I’ve made some slight jabs at Panini for subset names in the past.

Every card produced for the entire set is numbered to 499 or less which brings some good value to the table in terms of how scarce these cards are. The newly designed Rookie Phenoms are numbered to 299 and feature some sweet patches. So things are definitely looking good so far for this set.

Every 7 card pack/box of 2011 Panini Limited football will feature 1 autograph numbered to 299 or less, 1 memorabilia card numbered to 199 or less, 1 additional autograph or memorabilia card numbered to 199 or less, 2 base cards, 1 legend card, and 1 rookie card numbered to 499 or less. Overall, it looks to be similar to past years in terms of odds, but that’s just fine.

Look for this product to hit stores in November at around the same price as last year.