Great Sports Card Twitter Follows

A few weeks ago, I featured some of my favorite sports card blogs. Now I want to feature some of my favorite sports card related Twitter accounts that deserve a follow for their information, their personality, or whatever else I feel determines a good follow. I’ll list out my top 10 of my favorite sports card related Twitter follows and let you go see for yourself. To start, if you aren’t following me on Twitter, you can follow me here.

@stalegum – His take on sports cards is both interesting and sometimes vulgar. But it’s definitely worth the time to read.

@VOTC – The Voice of the Collector, opinionated but down to earth on his views of sports cards.

@RyanTatsuko – A professional baseball player who loves collecting baseball cards, how cool is that?

@dougology – Another member of the Cardboard Connection gang with @VOTC, I like his mix of humor and sports cards.

@chrisolds2009 – Beckett’s own. Editor of several Beckett’s price guides.

@LongFlyBall – A Canadian’s take on baseball cards and occasionally hockey.

@FieldLevelView – A solid Twitter commentary on sports cards.

@brentandbecca – A product case breaker with great insight on products.

@TomTheRipper – Why do I like his tweets? I don’t know. They are weird and sometimes about sports cards, but I like weird. He’s also the guy who does all the video production stuff for Panini.

@cardboardicons – Another blogger who is a great read on Twitter, like most of the above listed.

So those are 10 of my favorite Twitter follows. I follow 100+ people for one reason or another, so all of them are good follows to me, but these are some of my favorite.

And as a shout out to the actual companies, if you’re a collector you need to be following @PaniniAmerica @UpperDeckSports @toppscards @InTheGame @Leaf_Cards