2012 Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions

Redemption # 1           Starling Marte, Pirates

Redemption # 2           Brett Jackson, Cubs

Redemption # 3           Mike Trout, Angels

Redemption # 4           Josh Rutledge, Rockies

Redemption # 5           Jean Segura, Brewers

The final of the 5 autographed rookie redemptions in 2012 Topps Finest has been released by Topps. Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers will round out the list for the season. Make sure you get your redemptions in by the deadline to get your autographed rookie cards, especially if you have #3 on this list!

Sometimes I Hate eBay

You can’t deny the usefulness of eBay when it comes to selling sports cards. It’s a great site and reaches the most possible buyers of whatever you are auctioning away.

However, sometimes I just hate eBay. And it’s not even the fees either. I recently sold my 2011 Topps Finest Finest Moments Cam Newton Auto RC /25 BGS 9.5 on eBay for what I thought was a completely fair price of $199.99. In fact, he may have gotten a deal with a couple recent sales of $220+.

I send the invoice and I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a payment. I send him messages, no answer. Finally, I had to file a report on him for non-payment and had to wait 4 more days for something…anything to happen. In the meantime, I have a card I’m trying to sell to help pay for my wedding and honeymoon.

Needless to say, today was the last day to receive payment and nothing was received, so I was able to cancel the transaction and get my fees back.

I hate the times I’ve sold things on eBay only to get someone buying it who doesn’t pay. It doesn’t even have to be immediately, just within a couple of days. I rarely sell on eBay and it’s not even the first time this has happened.

Now I have to put the card back up on eBay again and try and get some action on it. So if there is anyone out there interested in a 2011 Topps Finest Finest Moments Cam Newton RC Auto /25 BGS 9.5, I have it up on eBay right now. And please, if you win it, at least have the money and the decency to actually pay for it.

First Ever BGS Mail Day

If you remember a few weeks back I spoke about the benefits and negatives of grading your cards. Well I went ahead and graded a few of my cards for the first time and thought I would share the results.

My reason behind grading these cards were mainly for selling purposes. As you can see, a couple of hot rookie autographs graded 9+ will add a little bit of value to the card compared to selling it “raw”.

The other is for display purposes. Owning a card from 1909 is interesting. I tell people about it and they ask if it’s worth anything. Well, as you can see, a 1.5 for a grade isn’t going to help it any. However, it will make a great display piece and conversational piece for my collection. The labels that show the date and the name of the player add a nice dimension to the display and the card is forever protected in that condition inside the holder.

Grading cards definitely has it’s benefits in this situation.

Review: 2011 Topps Finest Football

Yes, I’m a little late with this one too but I really wanted to try the product. The one patch autograph and one patch jersey card per master box really caught my eyes. Plus with the addition of a ton of different refractors and the possibility for some veteran autographs was right up my alley along with the solid rookie checklist. I put down a little bit of cash on this and here is what I pulled.






There is really only one reason I dinged this down a little bit and that is the autographs. I’m not a huge fan of entrapped autographs that are embedded into the card. Sure it makes it look less stickery, but if you end up cutting off part of the persons signature, as seen with the Stevan Ridley…though only partially, it just takes away from the autograph. Maybe it’s just me. But also, why no on-card autographs here? You were able to get on-cards for Inception, why not here? I know it’s probably part of your process, but Panini was able to get a ton of rookies done on card. That Cam would of looked so much better on-card then it already does. But I love everything else, the die-cuts, the refractors, the dotted design in the background, thumbs up.


Again, a great showing here. With the rookies AND veterans, this product would please just about everyone on the map, besides those who want legend possibilities in their product too. I dinged it a half star because I would of liked to see a little more depth with the veteran autographs and a little more with the Finest Moments cards. The non-autoed Finest Moments are probably the only thing I don’t like alot about this product. I know it’s been around awhile, I don’t mind it, but compared to everything else it’s just there.


Value, value, value. I got great value. Others may not have done too hot. I also spent more because the prices with this product have gone up as well. But overall, this has more value then most of Topps football products this season. With the inclusion of the veteran hits and the patch autographs, this rivals Topps Chrome as Topps’ best full product of the year. (Inception is a different type of product with it’s few cards) Not only are you guaranteed a patch auto and jersey auto, you may get a bonus hit…like mine. I just wish the patch autographs weren’t all numbered so high, but when every box has one, I guess that should be expected.


Overall, there really isn’t much bad to say about this product. It is as close to perfection as you can get, in my eyes. You have a great looking design all the way around. You have a checklist with rookies and veterans and possible hits for both. You also have a solid value because of the nice rookie class and the inclusion of those veteran hits and rookie patch autographs. I thoroughly enjoyed opening this product and if I had the cash, I would probably put down enough for a case of it. I had that much fun. This is my kind of product.

Funny how my first Cam Newton card of the season is an autograph numbered to 25!

Preview: 2011 Topps Finest Football

2011 Topps Finest football, a staple in the Topps family of products, has returned and is looking much improved over the past few seasons of product. With a completely different look, new die-cut rookies, and some sweet patches included this year, 2011 Topps Finest football looks like an early hit with all collectors.

Every master box will contain 1 numbered rookie autographed patch, 1 autographed jumbo relic, 2 atomic die-cut rookie cards, and 2 Finest Moments insert cards. The great thing is that all rookies will be featured in NFL uniforms, as like Topps Inception, they will be edited onto the players to create a nicer look.

Each rookie autographed patch is numbered and comes in 5 different parallels up to a superfractor 1 of 1. These include 35 top rookies from this year’s draft who also appear in the base set. 20 of these rookies are featured in jumbo patch autographed cards numbered to just 5. There will also be at least 1 variation of these rookie autographs per case. You can also find those 35 rookies plus a select list of 15 veterans in the jumbo relic autographs as well available in 4 different parallels. You can also find dual and triple autographed relics as well.

You can find even more rookie autographs in the Finest Moments subset as well as other veterans of the game. So this appears to also be a very rookie heavy product.

But what should be a hit amongst collectors is the rookie die-cut atomic refractors. These rookies are die-cut beautifully and can even be found in an autographed version if you are lucky enough to find a superfractor. These cards look absolutely beautiful and I love the die-cut design being brought back by alot of companies. Finally, you should find 2 Finest Moments inserts as well, common with Topps Finest over the years.

Oh yeah, there is also 5 base cards per pack as well. But no one REALLY cares about those anymore. But they look great with 8 different parallels. You will find 12 packs per master box so that breaks down a good number of these beautiful cards.

This product is set to arrive on August 30, 2011, for a price at about $90.