Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 7

Week 7 is here and that means we are at the end of the October monthly! Who will take home the monthly prize of Panini NFL Stickers and a Jordan Todman autographed 5×7? Who will lead the leaderboards for the Panini Black Box? This contest may change the landscape of everything.

Presenting the Week 7 Fantasy Football Challenge!

I will choose a group of positions and your job is to fill those positions with the players that you think will score the most points. Everyone you choose will get points as long as they perform in their games this week. Points will be given by the following.

QB: (1 Pt. per 50 yards passing; 1 Pt. per TD)

RB: (1 Pt. per 20 yards rushing; 1 Pt. per TD)

WR: (1 Pt. per 20 yards receiving; 1 Pt. per TD)

TE: (1 Pt. per 20 yards receiving; 1 Pt. per TD)

K: (1 Pt. per Extra Point; 1 Pt. per FG)

TEAM DEF: (1 Pt. per INT; 1 Pt. per Sack)

So there is the possibility for many points this time around if the right players are chosen. You get to pick 1 player per spot, anyone in the league you want.

Winner of the week takes home the final Wincraft pennant that Michael G. graciously gave back since he felt bad for winning that and the auto-helmet.

Go do your research and make your picks. This week is a game-changer! And make sure you visit the official NFL Player of the Day website!