Acetate Card of the Day: 1999 E-X Century Nomar Garciaparra

This card is from the first set that I ever opened and found an acetate card. I had gone to the local hobby store right between my friend Eric’s house and mine and we would go buy baseball and football cards. I had saved some lunch money over a couple days just to have enough to get some packs of cards and I opened a pack of cards with these cards in it. While I did not pull this card, I recently grabbed this card from CheckOutMyCards.

As you can see, these cards are a really cool looking acetate set. When you have the cards in your hand, the photo actually is raised off of the card which gives it more of a 3-dimensional look in person. I also really like the shadow around the last name of the player and the logo inside the logo on the left. Really a cool looking set.

And what a better player to have from this set if you’re a Red Sox fan. Nomar was hitting like crazy these years so it’s a great addition.