Card of the Day: 2005-06 Upper Deck SP Game Used SIGnificance Dan Patrick Auto

With 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball released and some hot celebrity cards being pulled, like Kate Upton, it makes me ponder about the actual use of celebrities in sports card products.

For me, I know my opinion on the topic and stick with it. If you want celebrities in your products, they better be sports related. Having one set with a mix of celebrities is really as far as it goes before I want my head to explode. Allen & Ginter is it for me. However, having a related celebrity in other products isn’t terrible.

For instance, this Dan Patrick card is a great addition to the product because he is recognizable and directly relates to sports and the sport this card was inserted in, unlike Guy Fieri or boxers.

Dan Patrick not only was a great anchorman on SportsCenter, he is now a great radio host. Having his autograph would be an honor for any sports card collector or even fan and the card looks great.