Preview: 2013 Topps Tribute Baseball

Topps is back with one of their highest-end products of the year and that product is 2013 Topps Tribute Baseball.


The first thing collectors should look for are the autograph cards. These base autographs will be numbered to 50 or lower. You will also be able to find Tribute to the Stars autographs. This set features the top veterans and retired players and these cards are numbered to 24. There is also a purple parallel which is a 1 of 1.

A new set to Tribute Baseball will be the framed mini-tribute autographs that feature veterans and retired players, and will be numbered to 25. Don’t forget to look for cut autographs which will be 1 of 1’s!

Some great relic sets will also be in 2013 Topps Tribute Baseball such as relics of game-worn batting gloves, which will be numbered to 2. Retired Remnants, Famous Four-Baggers, and Superstar Swatches are also a few of the interesting sets that will be featured.


Each box contains 6 packs with 5 cards. In each box, it will contain 3 autographs and 3 memorabilia cards.

You can find the product at DA Card World for around $360 when it releases on April 10, 2013.

You can also find the checklist on Cardboard Connection.

Topps Signs Deal With Roberto Clemente

Well not Bob Clemente himself as he died in a tragic accident many years ago, but Topps has signed a multi-year deal with the Clemente estate to feature him on Topps cards once again.

In 2012 Topps products, you will find Roberto Clemente cut signatures and relics in several products starting with Topps Series I baseball. Clemente is added to the also newly signed Hall of Famer Willie Mays.

Roberto Clemente has remained highly collectible throughout the years and Topps is proud to bring you closer to this former Pittsburgh Pirates star than ever before. I really hope Topps does a nice job paying tribute to a great player who was taken away from us way too early.

Preview: 2011 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signature Edition

Leaf is bringing back it’s overly popular cut signature product from the past couple of years with this year’s installment of 2011 Leaf sports Icons Cut Signature Edition. This product is always extremely hot off the shelves with high end collectors scouring the hobby stores and internet for their chance at some of the most sought after sports cut autographs ever made.

With cut signatures from names such as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Muhammed Ali, and Walter Payton, you can see why collectors pay the big bucks for this product every year. The usually stout checklist provides cut autographs from deceased legends and other living legends – and not so much legends – from the past and present.

With every product, not every box is going to be a winner, so you may find yourself pulling something less than desirable, but the checklist overall is usually pretty solid when put all together. You will find beautifully set autographs, encapsulated by Beckett, at extremely low print runs.

Each box contains one cut signature or a dual cut signature from an icon in sports whether it’s baseball, football, or even boxing. This product has a wide variety in it that should be loved by any true hardcore sports fan and collector.

This product will hit stores on October 21, 2011, and retails around $100.