Card of the Day: 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Arnold “Red” Auerbach Cut Auto

Sorry for the blurry scan, it was the only one on eBay I liked enough to showcase here.

Some of you may be wondering why I would showcase this Red Auerbach cut autograph here on my blog today. Am I a huge Celtics fan? No, not really. Am I celebrating that Lebron James won’t get nearly as many rings as this guy has? Heh, could be.

Red Auerbach started his career at George Washington University.

But why is that so important? Today, I was accepted into George Washington University Graduate School to get my Master’s degree in Security and Safety Leadership.

I thought I would showcase the best athlete and one of the most iconic coaches in professional sports history to come from this university. GWU isn’t known for it’s athletics, but Red is one of those figures you know no matter which sport you follow.

Soon, once I enroll in this school, him and I will share the same honor to attend this university.