Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 6

Week 6 is here which means we are over halfway through the entire promotion. If you check out the current leaderboard tab at the top of the page, you can see where you stand in the race for the October prizes and the race for the ultimate prize, a Panini Black Box. KJ has been closing in on Michael G over the past few weeks while plenty of others are still in contention.

This week is our first NFL team theme week with a series of guesses about one NFL team with the prize being from that NFL team. This week’s theme is…the Kansas City Chiefs. How much do you know about the Kansas City Chiefs that will translate to points this week?

The prize? A giant Matt Cassell bobblehead.

Points will be scored this week in numerous ways so make accurate predictions and you could have a ton of points.

How many points will the Kansas City Chiefs score this week? (2 points for bullseye, 1 point for within 4 points)

How many yards will Matt Cassell throw for this week? (4 points for bullseye, 3 points for within 15, 2 points for within 25, 1 point for within 50)

How many yards will Thomas Jones run for this week? (4 points for bullseye, 3 points for within 10, 2 points for within 20, 1 point for within 30)

How many yards will Dwayne Bowe receive for this week? (4 points for bullseye, 3 points for within 10, 2 points for within 20, 1 point for within 30)

How many field goals will Ryan Succop kick this week? (2 points for bullseye, 1 point for within 1)

How many tackles for Derrick Johnson this week? (3 points for bullseye, 2 points for within 2, 1 point for within 4)

How many points will the Chiefs give up this week? (2 points for bullseye, 1 point for within 5 points)

Tie-Breaker: How many pass attempts will Matt Cassell have in this game?

As stated, the winner will receive a nice big Matt Cassell bobblehead. Seriously, the thing is like a foot tall or more and the head is ginormous.

Please make your picks in the comments section and good luck! I’m not sure if this will be a tough one or not…and make sure you click on the links to the official NFL Player of the Day website to learn more about the promotion and so Panini knows you are interested in this promotion!

Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 5 Winner

Week 5 was full of a ton of points for just about everyone involved so it was a good week for your chance to get back into things for the month and for the overall contest. With all the points, there will definitely be some moving around on the overall leaderboard.

But here are the Week 5 standings:

KJ L. – 13

Madison V. – 12

Michael G. – 11

Matt G. – 11

Eric S. – 10

Harley E. – 9

Shane K. – 9

Jay R. – 9

Edwin G. – 8

RJ R. – 7

Weirdmaniac – 7

I believe that makes two weeks in a row for KJ? Wow, congratulations once again for the win and our first two-time weekly winner. I thought this would be kind of difficult but there were a lot of big time numbers this week so it looks like I have to make things harder next weekend. I already have next week planned out with a little bit of a theme week featuring one NFL team and the prize will be a player on that featured NFL team as well.

The leaderboards will be updated later, so a big congrats again to KJ and make sure you check the updated leaderboards tomorrow and make sure you visit the official NFL Player of the Day website for more information!


Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 5 Contest

Week 5 of the promotion is here, we are just about at the halfway point. There will be 11 contests so there really is no halfway point, but you know what I mean. Anyway, with Week 5 comes a different type of Pick ‘Em style contest testing your skills on team in each division. I was going to have a special contest based around a prize I wanted to give out this week, but the team I would be running the contest around has a bye this week. So instead, we have this…

Divisional Hi-Lo Pick ‘Em

Basically it works like this. Pick, by division, which team in that division will score the most points (HI) and the least points (LO). And also predict the score. So your response would look like this, for every NFL division.

AFC East:

Hi – Buffalo (38)

Lo – New England (3)

And then so on for the AFC North, AFC South, AFC West, and then the same for the NFC. You will get one point for guessing the correct team and a bonus point if you guess the correct amount of points for each team. So you have the opportunity to score 16 points, although that would be very impressive.

Get it? Every division in the AFC and NFC, team with the highest and lowest score, and the score you think it will be. Remember, there are 6 teams on a bye this week. If you need a schedule, you can click here.

The winner will receive an official Wincraft NFC felt pennant featuring the NFC’s greatest stars. And it’s pretty big too. I’ll have a video up of the prizes by the weekend.

If you have any questions, please send me an email and I’ll explain it more if you don’t understand what I’m asking. Good luck! This one will be tough! And if you haven’t visited the official Panini NFL Player of the Day site or you haven’t looked again because you want me to win the best promotion, please click the banner to visit the site!

And in case you missed the announcement on the Facebook page or the Twitter page, anyone who does not win a prize throughout the duration of this promotion will be randomized to win one of 3 handmade mystery packs featuring some base, inserts, and a game used card from a recent Panini review! This is to thank more of you for participating and visiting the NFL Player of the Day site!


Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 4 Winner!

A big congratulations to the Week 4 winner…..KJ Lamb! KJ squeaked by with a 1 point victory over two opponents who scored 7 points each to win an official Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and a set of Panini NFL Player of the Day trading cards! That also puts KJ in the lead for the October monthly grand prize!

Here are the scores for the week:

KJ – 8
Michael G – 7
RJ Reyes – 7
Jay Reeder – 6
Harley Edwards – 6
Shane K – 6
Dylan C – 5
Pauly C – 5
Edwin G – 5
Weirdmaniac – 5
Madison V – 5
Matt G. – 4

So everyone is still in the race for the second monthly prize! Look for the next contest posting again this Thursday! I’ll be asking for addresses for the first 4 winners in the coming days to send out their prizes!

Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 4

The week 4 contest for the Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day contest is here!

Now, I’ve noticed a couple of people are pulling away from the pack. That is a good thing for them, their NFL knowledge and predicting skills are pretty good. So it’s time to change up the style a little bit this week. Let’s see if I can stump these leaders and get some more people back into the game! (No offense to them, but they are just good!)

This week, predict which player will have the better game.

More yards passing – Drew Brees or Tom Brady?

More yards passing – Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers?

More yards rushing – Darren McFadden or Maurice Jones-Drew?

More yards rushing – Adrian Peterson or Fred Jackson?

More yards receiving – Wes Welker or Steve Smith (CAR)?

More yards receiving – Vincent Jackson or Mike Wallace?

More sacks – Jason Babin or Jared Allen?

Which team scores more points – Patriots or Packers?

Which team scores the least points – Seattle or Denver?

Better Panini football product – Absolute Memorabilia or Crown Royale? (Free bonus point)

Tiebreaker – How many yards does LeGarrette Blount rush for? (Can’t you tell I’m a Bucs fan yet?)

So here we go. This contest gives you the possibility of 10 points. The winner this week will receive a Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and a set of NFL Player of the Day cards. I should have the prizes in on Friday or Monday if my UPS guessing is correct.

As always, I ask everyone to visit the Panini NFL Player of the Day site (even if you’ve been there already, every click helps!) If Sports Card Blog runs the best promotion for Panini, we will be giving away a hobby box (or more!) to random participants of this contest. My hope is to make sure everyone who enters at least half the contests will get something, even if it’s just packs of cards, if we win.