Preview: 2012 Upper Deck Football

2012 football is right around the corner and Upper Deck has one of the first sets to be released this spring. See the future NFL superstars in their college gear in this 247 card set with 197 rookies and 50 retired legends of the game.

2012 Upper Deck football will feature 6 cards per pack and 20 cards per box. The design is similar to 2011-12 Upper Deck hockey products but the content is alot different and catered towards the football collectors.

The big draw in this product is the 3 autographs per box. With hard-signed Rookie Letterman autographs and hard-signed Ultimate Collection rookie signatures there is some nice hard-signed content in this product. There are also autographs in the Star Rookies subset and the 1993 SP Football subset. There will be at least one autograph per case from either Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, or Justin Blackmon so Upper Deck was able to grab some of the expected top picks in the upcoming draft.

But besides the hits there are a number of other nice subsets including two Ultimate Collection rookies (#d to 450), four 1993 SP Football cards, and a couple case hits like College Football Mascots patch cards and two parallels numbered to 10 or less.

I haven’t even begun to talk about what Upper Deck has done with the Star Rookies Stripes subset. If you remember how this works, if you pulled a card with the stripes on it, you would send that in and receive a certain amount of that player’s card in return. Well UD has added a twist. If you pull one of the 200 Star Rookies Stripes cards, you can redeem that card for 15 autographed cards from that player. Pretty sweet, right? Imagine pulling a top rookie and getting 15 autographs from them? Not bad.

April 24, 2012, is the day of release for this product with prices currently around the $95 mark.

Right here we have the preliminary 2012 Upper Deck Football checklist.

Preview: 2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends

Keeping with the spirit of college football and training camps around the country, it’s time for a Sports Card Blog two a day! The first preview has already been posted so this second preview will be part of today’s two a day. This preview is featuring college football and from what I’ve seen, may be Upper Deck’s best college licensed football product to date, 2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends.

College football legends is exactly what you will find with this product. You will find cards from some of the greatest college football players to ever step foot on the field. Some of these players have never had an autographed card out on the market before either.

Each box will feature 20 packs in a box with 5 cards per pack. The base set is a nice 100 cards and you will find a bunch of low numbered inserts like Bowl Game Heroes, NCAA All-Americans, Decade’s Best, and College Inscriptions with all of these having hard signed on card autographs! Every box will feature 3 of these autographs from some of the top players of college football history in their alumna’s gear. You can find some great names like Troy Aikman, John Elway, Adrian Peterson, and Steve Young amongst other great names.

You will also find cards from 26 different Heisman Trophy winners like Tim Brown, Eddie George, and Cam Newton.

2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends is set for it’s freshmen season to begin on October 25, 2011, for a price around $115.

Check out the 2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends checklist.

Preview: 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football

2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot football is back with all your favorite players in their college glory.

This year, every pack you open will feature an autograph! With 4 packs per box and 8 cards per pack, you are guaranteed 4 autographs from the hottest rookies of the year to some of the great veterans and retired players of the game.

Back again is the on-helmet autographs embedded into the cards. Though I’m not a huge fan of players signing manufactured materials, I think Upper Deck does it right when it comes to that regard if it HAS to be done. The signings on “By the Letter” patches or on other fabrics just look messy and incoherent. Athlete autographs are already messy and incoherent, like my doctor. At least on a hard and smooth surface these autographs come out nicely. There will be two of these on-helmet autographs in every box with several different helmet variations. Also back again is Sweet Beginnings autographed cards and it looks like they are including Ultimate Collection Rookie Signatures in this product as well combining one of their old products with Sweet Spot.

New this year are two different autographed parallels to change things up a little bit. It appears as if Upper Deck has signed on with Todd McShay and Chris Mortensen of ESPN to feature their likeness on a new subset of Scouting Report inserts. These cards feature a picture of the analyst along with some of the players they have reviewed on their scouting reports. Some of these inserts will have an autographed parallel. While I’m not a huge fan of Mortensen or McShay staring at me from the card, I applaud UD for trying something a little different. I wonder what kind of information will be on the back of the card?

There is also the new Sweet Spot Rivalry booklet featuring two on-helmet autographs in booklet form. From the sound of the set and what I can see, it looks like these will feature some of the biggest rivalries in college football with autographs from each side in the booklet. I hope to see a “Civil War” booklet featuring an Oregon and Oregon State autographed helmet on each side. How could you possibly leave out one of the longest rivalries in all of college football?

In all, at a $100 price point for 4 autographs, it appears to be right around where it should be as far as price goes. I know collectors would rather have an NFL licensed product, however, these cards do look sharp and the autographs are just the same as any other product. Upper Deck is the only NCAA license in town, so for those who love college football and the pros, this should be a fun product to open when it comes out at the end of June. Roll Tide.

Note: Okay, I’m not an Alabama fan but I thank the Bama fans who were chanting “Roll Ducks” during the National Championship game. At least you stand by your team and don’t cheer for the whole conference.