2012 Topps Inception Is A Hit; Plagued With Chipping Issues

Well just about everyone who knows anything about football cards knows that 2012 Topps Inception football would be a hit once again. After a popular first season last year, this year’s version was bound for great things. And it is another great product once again, no doubt about that.

But the chipping issues continue after last year’s product which also had similar issues. If you don’t remember our article last year about the altered 1/1 Cam Newton autograph, you will need to check that out.

The corners of these cards and the edges show quite a bit of white for a card with a black background. That is because the care of how these cards were handled and the white card stock really played a terrible role in creating such issues from occurring.

I don’t know if it’s the athletes handling these cards or if it’s Topps mishandling the cards, but something needs to be done for future releases of this product to guarantee top condition. I remember opening UD Black cards and not having big issues with chipping, but I remember those cards being actual black card stock as well, which I’m not sure if Topps uses or not.

Topps does a fantastic job on design and execution of this product, I’m just disappointed with the quality of the final product as it goes out to collectors.