More COMC Pickups – Sparkly!

I love sparkly cards. Maybe I have an underlying diagnosis of….oooh pretty.

So here are some sparkly cards that I picked up from COMC in my last shipment to my house.

The first card is of a dynamic Red Sox slugger that is new to Bean-Town. Oh so sparkly! And Red Sox colors too!

The second is another Red Sox, but again, another of my favorite player, Jon Lester! This one is sparkly and was only found in redemption packs from Topps Series I.

I had another sparkly card, but it was die-cut, so it has got to wait until I show off a couple of the die-cut cards I grabbed. Until next time! Review (Buying)

Well I finally joined the rest of the trading card community and started buying some singles off of I saw a bunch of singles that I wanted on there and saw the shipping and thought, why not?

So I bought 21 cards off of there and had them shipped for just over $5 for shipping. That’s right, 21 cards for $5 shipping. If I bought those individually off of eBay, well just multiply 21 by about $2..or more.

I chose not to have any of them in toploaders and had them shipped that way, but was very surprised on the quality of shipping. I received all 21 cards in a large team bag with a toploaded card on each end. All cards arrived in perfect condition.

I guess I’ll start sharing some of my haul with the two game used jersey cards I picked up in the lot.

The first card I picked up was a 2010 Topps Update All-Star Stitches game used jersey card of Jon Lester. This one was a no-brainer as Jon Lester is my favorite baseball player. It’s also a no-brainer because you know exactly when the jersey was used, for the most part. I also love the design with the stars on the left.

The second card I picked up was a 2001 Private Stock Game Gear game used jersey card of Bill Romanowski. When I first started watching the NFL, my favorite team was always the team that Romo played for. Bill Romanowski went to Rockville High School, the same school as myself so I wanted to always cheer him on. You may have even seen me on camera in my Romanowski Broncos jersey. I will always be a huge Romanowski fan and I was happy to see him actually have a game used card. Now I need to find an autograph of him…

I’ll post some more cards when I get a chance, but this is a nice start.

For the record, I highly recommend and have some $20 credits for first time sellers to give away, just let me know if you want one. (I should have more coming in soon) My next step is to try selling on there.