Now Featuring: “Good Cause Breaks”

I was sitting and browsing the internet sports card world when I was reading one of my favorite sites out there. Sports Card Radio is one of the top sites out there regarding sports cards with a great podcast as well as one of the most expansive checklist databases known to man, outside of Beckett.

So I was reading their forums when I noticed that they took a couple of products sent for review, and found a way to work them into making money for charity. Then, a light bulb hit my head.

“I can do that too!” So coming up, we will be featuring our first “Good Cause Break” which we will be reviewing a product and then selling the hits and more valuable inserts with all proceeds going to charity.

How about that? I have a few charities close to my heart as well as some friends who are working with the local children’s hospital. Our first “Good Cause Break” has already happened and the product was chosen from our recent review products from our friends at Panini. Stay tuned to find out how you can buy some cards and support charity at the same time.