Bring Back the Box Toppers!

It’s time to bring back the box topper. I understand there are a couple of products out there currently with box toppers…Topps Allen & Ginter and Panini Zenith come to mind, but I think the majority of products could use a box topper.

Why should a company take the time and put together a box topper set?

The answer is one word and simple, value. Not only does a solid box topper encourage people to buy full boxes of product, there are so many things that you could do with a box topper to add value to a box.

Let’s just go over some of the box toppers we have seen over the last 10 years or so. We have seen autographed baseballs, autographed mini helmets, 5×7 autographed cards, jumbo patch cards, autographs, memorabilia cards, rip cards, and even parts to complete a set of mini cards.

Why aren’t these more common in today’s products?

I’m guessing it has to do with money, but if a great box topper added more sales to the product line, what’s the problem with adding it in? Topps does a great job changing up the box toppers for Allen & Ginter every year. Panini also did a great job creating some unreleased product designs in it’s Dare to Tear rip cards in Zenith as well.

I know that I have always loved box toppers and I think it still holds well to the collecting community in general. I’ve had conversations with several veterans of the hobby and the majority would love to see more box toppers, especially something like the past Topps Archives with the autographed balls or mini-helmets.

Let’s bring this hobby favorite back to more products and see what the companies can do with it. It may definitely be worth it to at least try some more new ideas.