Ready for Some New Topps Rookies?

Topps has 3 new rookies to bolster the rest of their products for the year and they feature a top young arm, an American League Rookie of the Year candidate, and a Cub making a big splash.

Trevor Bauer will be making his major league debut tonight and you’ll be able to find his first “rookie” autographs in Topps Finest, set to release this summer. He will also be signing autographs for Topps Chrome, Triple Threads, Bowman Chrome, Topps Update, Bowman Sterling, and the new Topps Five-Star.

Next, Will Middlebrooks will be getting his first Topps rookie cards as well. The AL Rookie of the Year contender has been announced as the Lucky #3 redemption for Bowman and collectors will be receiving an autographed card from the rookie star. You will also be able to find autographs of Big Will in Topps Finest, Bowman Chrome, Topps Update, Bowman Sterling, and the new Topps Five-Star as well.

And finally, Anthony Rizzo will be making his Topps card debut as well. The young Cub has signed for Tier One and will be signing for Triple Threads, Topps Update, and Five-Star.

For me, I’m most excited for more Middlebrooks autographs hitting the market as of course, I’m a huge Red Sox fan.


Preview: 2012 Bowman Signatures Football

The first NFL licensed product of the season is set to release in just 6 days. 2012 Bowman Signature will hit the shelves as a new high end product for this season. With an autograph or an autographed relic in every pack, you will get a ton of ink for your collection or to sell.

Each box of this product comes with 5 packs and 5 card per pack. As stated, every pack will feature an autograph or an autographed relic card. It appears as though this is a very rookie heavy product, with a few veteran autographs thrown into the mix. But the real value here will be the top picks autographs in paralleled form.

You may find 2 rookie autographed refractors and 3 rookie parallel autographs per box. There will also be some red ink parallels that are just limited to 15 copies. Parallels will be to 99, 25, 1, and printing plates. I’d imagine those superfractors would go for a pretty penny. You can also find dual and triple autographs like an Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin III dual auto. Nice, right?

You can also find your veteran autographs as well with the Inside the Numbers subset. With autographed relics which include jumbos, patches, and jumbo patches, it should be a great addition to what appears to be a rookie heavy product.

My only issue, getting these out so fast doesn’t give Topps the time to get these rookies in their NFL uniforms, unless that was just the case for the sell sheet. So I’m hoping we can get Mr. Luck in a Colts uniform by street date.

Bowman Signatures football releases on May 30, 2012, with a price around $180 from what I’ve seen online so far. Word is this product has a limited print run as well, which may help secondary values.

2012 Bowman AFLAC Autographs Checklist

The information just keeps on coming from Topps about this year’s Bowman release. May 9th can’t come soon enough for the Chromies and prospectors, so here’s a little more information to whet your appetite.

The 2012 Bowman AFLAC Autographs Checklist:

Sonny Gray /200
Andrew Susac /210
Jordan Swaggerty /210
Dillon Howard /225
Gerrit Cole /225
Stetson Allie /230
Mathew Purke /230
Dillon Maples /230
Austin Hedges /240
Jose Fernandez /240
Daniel Norris /240

All of your AFLAC autographs will be sequentially numbered and feature some of the first autographs from future stars like Jordan Swaggerty, Gerrit Cole, and Dillon Maples.

Preview: 2012 Topps Bowman Baseball

Let the prospecting begin.

2012 Bowman baseball is coming out in a few days which means it’s your first chance to get some of the hottest prospects and rookies of the season. Well, it’s your first licensed chance to get these cards.

We’ve already discussed the 2012 Bowman prospect autograph checklist, and today we just announced the 2012 Bowman wrapper redemption. But what about everything else?

Let’s start with what everyone loves, the autographs. There will be one Chrome prospect autograph per box of this product including top pick Gerritt Cole, Danny Hultzen, Anthony Rendon, and more.

You may also find autographed rookies as well as high school All-American autographs. As is standard with Topps products like this, you can find the several different refractor versions as well including autographed refractors. Yes, you will find Lucky Redemptions for Yu Darvish (#1) and Bryce Harper (#2) as well.New this year is Bowman Black, which is a black background card with a silver autograph. Very slick looking stuff and only numbered to 25 copies.

But besides the main draw of autographs, you will find 24 packs per box with 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby version. Each pack will yield 5 Bowman base cards, 2 prospects, 2 Bowman Chrome prospects, and 1 Base Gold parallel.

Each box should run about the same as opening day for the product last year.

But wait, there’s more. Have you ever wanted your own baseball card? Well Topps’ new promotion this year is to find 1 of 5 tickets for your chance to be featured in 2013 Bowman. How crazy is that? This has to be one of my favorite promotions of all time since I’ve always wanted my own baseball card. Awesome addition.

Remember May 9, 2012 for this release.

2012 Bowman Baseball Wrapper Redemption

Topps has just announced it’s wrapper redemption program for 2012 Bowman baseball and it includes some great goodies for those who get them out in time.

From the news wire:

“The first collectors to send in 24 hobby or 7 HTA wrappers will  receive a FREE 5-card pack of exclusive Blue Wave Refractor Parallel cards!  And that is not all!  Bonus autographed cards featuring hot prospects such as Josh Bell, Dante Bichette, Jr., Gerrit Cole, Matt Purke and many more have been randomly inserted into these packs making them even better!

There are only 10,000 of these exclusive packs so pick up 2012 Bowman Baseball on May 9th, rip it and send it right away to make sure you do not  miss out!  Once we receive wrappers for 10,000 packs we will no longer fulfill.

You can send your empty wrappers to:

Bowman Blue

P.O. Box 2008

Duryea, PA 18642