Preview: 2011 Tristar Obak Baseball

With the 100th Anniversary of Obak baseball cards this year, Tristar is prepped and primed for another season with 2011 Tristar Obak baseball. With possibly Tristar’s best lineup of cards in recent memory, this product looks to be the best unlicensed product of the season and even looks better than several licensed products.

This product features 6 cards per pack and 24 cards per box with 24 boxes per case. There will be only 75 cases of this product produced which means, after some internet math, there will only be 1800 boxes of this product released.

Inside each box is where all the goodness appears. There will be 11 hits per box inside this product, so there will be a ton of great stuff inside for you to pull. But I use the term “hits” very loosely. At least 4 of the hits will be autographs with 1 cut signature card per box. The cut signatures can range anywhere from Mantle, Aaron, and DiMaggio to probably very much lesser known players. But the possibilities look great on that front. All autographs will be numbered to 100 or less and features both legends of the game and future stars like Ken Griffey Jr. and Manny Banuelos.

2 other “hits” will be paralleled cards numbered to 25 or less. There will be 1 T212 mini card numbered to 75 or less for the next “hit” with some versions being autographed. There will also be 3 short print cards considered “hits” and the last “hit” will be 1 T4 limited edition cabinet card numbered to 80 or less.

I love the vintage design of the base cards in this product as well, despite not being able to use any official baseball logos.

Overall, this looks like a fun product to open as the possibilities for good hits are there, but as always with Tristar it appears to be very hit or miss.

You can view the 2011 Tristar Obak baseball sell sheet here as I couldn’t find any photos of the cards to display. This product is available right now at the National Sports Collectors Convention or will be available in stores on August 10, 2011.


Preview: 2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects “Hits” Series 2 Baseball

In The Game returns with an update to it’s popular baseball product that was released earlier in the year. For not having an official license, In The Game does the best job of putting together solid products over and over again in hockey and is bringing that skill to baseball for the second time. I’m impressed with Dr. Price.

Each one pack box will contain 5 hits. That’s right, every card in the box is a hit for your collecting pleasure. As the title of the product says, you will find heroes and prospects. The heroes list is extremely impressive. You can pull players like George Brett, Hank Aaron, and Roberto Clemente. Each 12 box case will contain at least one 1/1 card and at least 6 heroes in total. But it’s not all about the heroes, there is some of baseball’s top prospects as well. With names like Josh Sale, Manny Banuelos, and Manny Machado, the prospects are top of the line.

Some of the great heroes cards you can pull are Heroes Cuts. These are 1/1 cards featuring some of the heroes in this set with cut autographs from checks. Ever want your chance at a Hank Aaron autograph? Well this will be inserted into the product.

You can also find some sweet barrels from bats and something In The Game does better than every other company, you can find some awesome patches like this Nolan Ryan.

As I said earlier, it’s not all about the heroes. The prospects are large and in charge of this product.

I’m having a hard time grabbing some pictures of the prospects, so you can check the ITG website for the official 2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hits Series 2 checklist. Man that’s a long product name.

Did I mention you could find autographs from past presents on baseball leather too? Obama, both Bush Presidents, and Slick Willy Clinton all have autographs you can pull.

You can find this product out on August 3, 2011 for about $85 per box. You’ll get 5 hits so it looks to be some great value possible from this product.

To Rip…Or Not To Rip – 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Edition

Now I am spoiling my Gint-A-Cuffs future points posts, but this is pretty important. You probably saw I pulled a rip card if you saw my 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter review.

But here is where the question gets difficult. Do I rip it, or do I sell it? I actually had an offer of $100 for the rip card, but the guy hasn’t responded to me since I said I’d probably accept it. It’s serial numbered to the player’s jersey number and it’s one of the stars of the league, well kinda. Hunter Pence is considered a star by some people, right? I mean his Houston Astros are terrible, but he’s still a star. He might even be traded to a contender.

But if I rip it, it will obviously lose value. However, I have not seen that many great cards being pulled out of rip cards. This fact is both good and bad. It’s good because there are still some good rip cards out there with great cards inside, but bad because no one is pulling anything real nice.

What would you do? I need the guidance of fellow collectors out there.

Rip Card!!!

Plus if I rip it, I think I get +10 more points for Gint-A-Cuffs….already get +34 points for this card. That should at least be part of my consideration. But I’d probably want to know how close I would be to winning first…

Review: 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter

It’s hard to believe but this is my first baseball card review. I love baseball cards and I love baseball. The first cards I ever collected were baseball cards. The first boxes of cards that got me back into the hobby in 2005 were baseball cards. I own more baseball cards then anything else. But I’m happy that 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter is my first baseball review because I have always loved Allen & Ginter since Topps brought it back from the dead in 2006.

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter has brought back the success of previous years in one of the most interesting and beloved sets of the year. From baseball players to famous beards and ships, Allen & Ginter is your source of both America’s past time and oddball cards that you can’t find anywhere else. With tons of minis and different types of short prints, it is a set collectors dream. With a large checklist of both sports and non-sports it is just a sports fan’s dream as well.




Rip Card!!!


Sometimes practically the same design year after year is a good thing. When you’re going for the nostalgic, old school type set and basing your cards off that set, you still have to pay homage to the past. The sketches of the player with the splash of color in the background is what it has always been and that is classic. No frills or anything fancy here, just solid art work on these cards all around. I’ve always loved what they do with the relics as well and that is to put them in a larger frame that usually has like palm trees or something on it in nice colors. Every autographed card is hard signed and rip cards are fun and easy to rip. Nothing new, but sometimes new isn’t always better. Oh, and the Ascent of Man inserts are absolutely GORGEOUS.


I find this product extremely hard to review as far as the checklist goes. You have all the baseball players you need in this product. There are a number of SPs which is great and Ginter backs and Bazooka backs and black parallels. It’s fun to pull the parallels. The famous beards cards was pretty funny and I love the old school famous ships. Some of the people they chose from the world of entertainment, especially in the autographs area is the hard part though. There are some huge name on there, but also names which make you scratch your head. I might as well sign some cards for Topps if they are letting people like Chuck Woolery or the King of Cornhole. Which begs me to ask Topps to let me have some autographs in Ginter next year. I bet my cards would sell better on the secondary market then Jo Frost because I know what collectors like. My inscriptions would be epic. Just saying. Think Olbermann and Hayhurst combined.


The autograph ratio compared to relics this year is crazy and collation was terrible. If you are going to decrease the number of autographs then drop the price of the box as that is where things get expensive. The relics while nice, are just the same thing as every other product in baseball and Allen & Ginter in the past. Small relics that won’t fetch much on secondary market unless it’s a top celebrity like Shawn Michaels or Manny Pacquiao. The insert ratio of the major hits inside rip cards has been terrible as well. The product has been out a week and no one has seen a mini autograph or really any wood parallels or sketches yet. I know they are 1/1s and the reds are numbered very low but where are they? Maybe people just aren’t ripping the rip cards?


Again, it’s hard to review something so beloved and at the same time such a wide range of different types of cards you can pull. The design is nothing new, but keeping it old is what the product is and you can’t change that for anything. The checklist is both jaw dropping and head scratching at the same time. Again, I’m going to make my play into the market next year as an Allen & Ginter signer because I think mine would be more interesting then half of the people chosen to sign this year. Not many people would know who I am, but I would make it collectible. Seriously, who wants Jo Frost or even knew who Jo Frost was and collected sports cards? Not really the target market. The collation problems and the lack of autographs while maintaining a higher price is kind of a disappointment as well. But there is nothing we can do about that. This product is often sold by the case because of how much people love it.

So here’s a pretty video of me opening my box of 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter and you can see my reactions as I pull cards. This box will also be used for my 2011 Gint-A-Cuffs submission and hopefully I beat a couple other bloggers out there. But I will post more about my score when the scoring rubric is released.

Videos coming up shortly, uploading to the YouTube. You get to see me try and pronounce Penultimacy with my slight stutter. Not a pretty sight.



2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball

Something that his been moving like a virus across the baseball blogosphere is the preview and reveal of 2011 Topps Monopoly baseball. I mean, have you seen the YouTube video of this product yet?


Absolutely amazing.

The first time I read about this product is on one of my favorite sports card blogs, The Mojo Beard. Make sure to check their site for a full blown preview of the product. I would do a preview myself, but I wouldn’t do it as much great justice as Beardy could over on his blog.

This product looks stacked and you should go to Wal-Mart or whatever and try and find a box.

OMG! More preview images leaked  of 2011 Topps Monopoly baseball!

Speaking of boxes, Brent and Becca are opening up like 35 cases of 2011 Allen & Ginter. Some may call them crazy, but I would call them genius. Especially since I got dibs on Oregon and Connecticut if they pull either one of those state cards. That is quite possibly the biggest case break of any product I have ever seen. I can’t even afford to get one case of Allen & Ginter. I just want to open one! I do have my box coming in for the Gint-A-Cuffs contest so let’s hope for a victory in my part of opening up the product!

Keep on truckin’ ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to take a nap.