Happy Easter/Passover

Or whatever other holidays you may be celebrating today.

Last year, I received a wonderful Easter surprise from my fiancee. A great item to put inside an Easter basket for your card collecting loved one is a few packs or a blaster box of sports cards. Even when I was little I would received baseball cards inside my Easter basket.

In fact, the first ever Roger Clemens card I pulled from a pack happened while opening Easter packs of cards. It was definitely the highlight of my tiny Red Sox collection at the time since I was about 7 years old. I know the card is in a binder somewhere right now, but I couldn’t find it earlier or I would have posted a picture.

Baseball cards and Easter always go so well together. The season has just started and you’re looking for new cards of your favorite players in their new jerseys. Or maybe just your favorite team and their new players.

So shower your loved one with trading cards on this Easter. Or if they don’t like sports cards and you have a guy in the house, how about some Benchwarmer Easter cards?


Panini Inks Exclusive Deal With USA Baseball

The Industry Summit news just keeps on coming. Panini America has announced that they have inked a deal with USA Baseball for exclusive rights to produce baseball cards for USA Baseball.

The first product that will incorporate this new agreement with Panini will be in 2012 Prime Cuts, which debuts in October, just in time for my birthday. It will be followed by the annual 2012 USA Baseball Team Set which will be released around Black Friday in November and 2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition in December 2012.

This move marks another milestone for Panini in their quest to return to baseball card glory back when they were better known as Donruss. Hopefully, this bolsters their portfolio enough for the MLB to give them another chance to shine like back in 2005.

Find more information on the official Panini America blog.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who are Irish and those who want to be Irish on this day of the year. As with every year, I love the Red Sox spring training game this year because of the green apparel that shows love to the large Irish population in Boston.

Maybe Topps can grab some of those spring training jerseys and create a cool little Red Sox game used/autograph set from photos of them wearing the jerseys and swatches of the actual jerseys themselves. As a Red Sox fan, that would be really cool.

So tonight I will be enjoying some green beer, maybe some green ketchup from Burger King, or maybe I’ll just wear some green.

So let’s raise a glass, to better days!

Panini Signs Deal With Baseball Hall of Fame

The world’s largest trading card and collectibles company has added another license to it’s resume to bolster it’s attempts at a MLB trading card license.

Announced today, Panini America has signed a multi-year agreement to use players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in future trading card products, beginning with 2011 Panini Prime Cuts along with it’s new CMG Worldwide license and MLBPA license.

The deal allows Panini to produce cards of Baseball Hall of Fame inductees as well as marks, artifacts, and induction ceremony photos to be used on 6 trading card products a year.

This is big news for Panini as they are entering the baseball card genre since 2005, back when they were known as Donruss. They are working hard to secure a future MLB license and are going about it the best way they can to show the MLB what they can do, and I applaud them for doing so as competition is always important.

What Hall of Famer are you most excited to see on a future Panini trading card?

Panini Inks MLBPA Deal For Trading Cards

Wow! This came out of left field.

Panini America, the world’s largest producer of trading cards, has agreed to terms with the MLBPA to start producing baseball trading cards. This makes Panini the only trading card manufacturer with licenses in all four of the main sports in the United States.

The first product set to release is 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition which will release in December which will be followed by 2011 Contenders baseball. This product will include new Panini autograph signer Josh Hamilton will who be signing for Panini as well as featuring him on product packaging.

Honestly, this comes at a great time and I am absolutely pumped. Competition really drives the market here in America and finally having a licensed company compete with Topps is something great for the hobby. (I’d be saying the same thing if someone else got an NBA license too!) I like what Panini brings to the table and this should make Topps step up their game a little bit.

Welcome back Donruss. We missed you.