The Topps Gold Rush is Coming!

Pretty soon, Topps collectors will be known as ’12ers instead of the former ’49ers searching for gold. According to details from Topps, in conjunction with the MLBPA, Topps will have a Gold Rush promotion for Topps Series I set to release in January.

While all the details aren’t released yet, “The Gold Rush” will include a special wrapper redemption program and special Gold Rush tickets found in 2012 Topps Series I baseball. They golden tickets will unlock gold infused autographed baseballs from players like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Ken Griffey Jr.

There will also be a promotion inside participating hobby stores, yet to be announced.

So stay tuned for more news from Topps about this newest rush for gold inside 2012 Topps baseball. Here is some gold you might find in those redemption packs…