Epic Cards: 1999 Topps Traded Josh Hamilton Autograph

How about that Josh Hamilton?

Totally locked in tonight against the Orioles. 4 homers and a double. All from a guy who was drafted by the Rays, Rule 5 drafted by the Cubs, sold to the Reds, and then traded to the Rangers.

I’m actually surprised at how cheap you can get his best rookie autographed card out there, his 1999 Topps Traded Autographed Rookie.

You can find one of these ungraded for around $200. I’ve seen some graded versions in the 9s for a couple hundred more, but I can’t believe you can still grab them at that low of a price. He’s been unstoppable for a few years now, I would have expected the price to be higher.

Is it his age? Is it his history? Is it that he plays for the Rangers? I’m not sure why his values aren’t higher, but if you are a fan of superstars and need to find their rookie autographs, this one wouldn’t hurt your pocket as much as others out there.


Epic Cards: 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Rookie Auto

This card is currently on eBay right before the big game on Sunday.

We may see brand new heights for the price of this card if Tom Brady and the Patriots win another Super Bowl. If not, expect a new price hike for Eli Manning rookie autographs.

Though many hate Tom Brady, this is the holy grail of cards of current NFL players. The card is beautiful too. On card autograph, great placement of the card information on the right, action photo of in game action with a plain color hue over the background that really makes Tom Brady stand out.

Who would of thought Tom Brady would be as good as he is and this card would become one of the priciest modern day football cards?

Acetate Card of the Day: 2008-09 Upper Deck Trilogy Ice Scripts Sam Gagner

I should really shorten these titles.

In honor of Sam Gagner’s 8 point explosion last night, I figured now would be as good of a time as ever to make my Sam Gagner autograph today’s Acetate Card of the Day.

This acetate card is similar to the one I posted about Caron Butler. They were both from Upper Deck products that featured a plexi-glass looking card, but I still consider them acetate when in reality, I have no idea what they are made of. I can see through them, so that’s good enough for me.

I love, love, love this card design by Upper Deck. I’ve been sad ever since Upper Deck stopped the Trilogy and ICE brands and it’s because of beautiful cards like this. This card has a ton of beautiful elements that just flow together beautifully. The picture, the circle with the colors on the left, the logo, and the beautiful autograph on the acetate makes this card look absolutely stunning in pictures and just holding it in your hand.

Please Upper Deck, bring back Trilogy and ICE so I can pull more cards like this one!

While Sam Gagner may have just boosted his trade value, this card will forever stay in my Oilers collection for it’s beauty alone.

I Miss Andre Miller

As a Blazers fan, I miss Andre Miller. I miss him so much I picked up this 2011 Panini Gold Standard autograph of ‘Dre. I love this card. As I mentioned in my review of Gold Standard last season, I just love the design and the set itself. To have an underrated Blazer featured in a higher end set is nice for a Portland fan by myself, although others may be disappointed.

(And I grabbed this photo off eBay since I can’t seem to find mine…I’ve never lost a card so I’m sad.)

‘Dre was the pure point guard. Great passer, penetrated the paint, and scored when he needed to. The guy even put up 50 points in a single game as a Blazer because he needed to score that night and the defense wasn’t keep him honest.

While he wasn’t a premier point guard, he was very underrated and the Blazers are feeling it now. Raymond Felton is not the answer to the point guard problem in Portland. The Blazers haven’t had a serviceable point guard in years and blew their chances at a franchise point guard after they drafted Sebastian Telfair.

If the Blazers can trade for a better point guard by the time the NBA trade deadline hits, without losing their depth, watch out. You’ll have a serious NBA Championship contender in Portland. If they didn’t trade Andre Miller, you might be saying that already.


Man Cave Memorabilia: Jon Lester Autograph

I thought from time to time I would continue showing off some of the memorabilia in my man cave. So from now on I will entitle this “Man Cave Memorabilia”.

You have seen a couple pieces of my memorabilia in posts that were either gifts or contest wins. You can see my Taylor Hall autographed puck or my Adrian Gonzalez autographed baseball I have in the man cave as well.

This time, I will be showing off another baseball piece in which I own, also given to me as a gift by my wonderful fiance. She’s good, she knows what I like. This one is of my favorite player on the Red Sox, Jon Lester. Check it out!

This picture was taken when Jon Lester pitched his no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals in 2008. A highlight of his already stellar career. The autograph is clean and clear right in the middle.

Again, she bought this item from SportsMemorabilia.com which has some great pieces from players in all sports. So make sure you pay them a visit and use the code on the right sidebar for a discount if you plan on buying anything.

This photo actually sits directly above my desk, so if I’m working at my desk and need some motivation, I can look up and see this picture. The guy beat cancer, threw a no-hitter, and won a clinching game of the World Series. If he can do all of that, I can handle anything.

I’d love to meet him one day and just pick his brain about life and baseball. I’ll have to try and see him pitch again next time the Sox play in Seattle.