Card of the Day: 2012 Topps Tier One Buster Posey Auto

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on their second World Series title in four years. Usually during a big event I like to showcase a card of the day featuring a player on that team and Buster Posey is a big part of that San Francisco Giants run to the World Series.

I heard on the radio today people already comparing him to Derek Jeter. Two titles in their first three years of playing the game and a superstar in the making. Buster Posey could be that type of player. A career franchise player who is well respected inside and outside the clubhouse. I love seeing players like that in the game, so I’m hoping he lives up to those expectations. That two run homer to put the Giants up one in the sixth inning last night was pretty clutch too.

I chose this card for a number of reasons, but mainly because of its beauty. I wasn’t a fan of the Bowman design the year he had his Bowman Chrome autograph, so that was immediately out the door for me. But 2012 Topps Tier One baseball is a beauty of a product and this card is one of the nicest ones out there for Buster. A well placed photo, a great background, and a HUGE place to slap that autograph, on card. I’d be happy pulling a beauty like that any day.

So congrats again to Buster Posey and the rest of the San Francisco Giants. What a great run you guys had.

NFL Week 3 SCB Rookie of the Week

With a wild week 3 of games, some for better reasons than others, there were a ton of standouts on both offense and defense this week. With solid play from a ton of rookies, it was a difficult pick for our NFL Rookie of the Week.

Our pick had to be T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts. The wide receiver had a great performance in the loss to the Jaguars. He was able to haul in four passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. Despite the team not being able to pull out a victory, he stepped up with the loss of Austin Collie and should be getting more targets the rest of the season.

This is his 2012 Topps Platinum autographed rookie card. After a big game like that, his card prices have jumped a bit, and there should be a little more ceiling in his cards if he puts up another big week. The Austin Collie situation also gives this more room to move up, so grab them up now in case he has another big week.

2012 Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions

Redemption # 1           Starling Marte, Pirates

Redemption # 2           Brett Jackson, Cubs

Redemption # 3           Mike Trout, Angels

Redemption # 4           Josh Rutledge, Rockies

Redemption # 5           Jean Segura, Brewers

The final of the 5 autographed rookie redemptions in 2012 Topps Finest has been released by Topps. Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers will round out the list for the season. Make sure you get your redemptions in by the deadline to get your autographed rookie cards, especially if you have #3 on this list!

Preview: 2012 Panini Prominence Football

Panini has another new product out this season, this one goes by 2012 Panini Prominence football. Prominence football is a product that goes by a similar formula like Limited or Gold Standard. Whether it’s replacing any of those, we don’t know.

At one pack per box and 8 cards per pack, you’re getting a quick hit of your cardboard crack. Every box will contain 5 base cards and 3 hits. There will be two autographs, with at least one being a rookie autograph, and one additional auto or memorabilia card.

There will be 5 different rookie card subsets, giving collectors 5 different rookie cards to chase after from the 35 rookies that appeared at the NFL Rookie Premiere. The autographs feature a couple different manufactured patch autographs, the team field autographs, team helmet autographs, and the autographed memorabilia cards.

But it’s not just all rookies. Illustrious Signatures features some of the best players to ever take the field and their famous autographs. Eminence Combo Signatures features some of the best dual threats of all time, I can only imagine and hope for some dual autographs that Panini has to come up for with this one. Black & Blue Materials featuring some of the hardest hitters in the game. And more…

This product is set to release on September 19, 2012, and you’ll find it for about $100 at your local shop.

For more information on this product check out the Cardboard Connection product information page.

My First Auto Pull From Retail

Now I’ve been purchasing retail packs and blasters for a long time now. From back when I was little to even today, purchasing retail packs is the easy way to get your sports card fix when you just want to open some packs or work on a base set.

I’ve pulled numerous game used cards from blasters before. Most recently, I pulled a Cal Ripken Jr. bat card from Gypsy Queen. Some blasters even contain guaranteed game used cards now so that doesn’t make it too difficult. But I’ve never pulled an autograph from retail packs. Maybe it’s bad luck or everything I open seems to be pack searched.

But the other day I bought a rack pack of 2012 Topps Chrome on a whim. I like Chrome over the flagship set as it holds its value better, looks better, and the inserts are nicer. So I thought, let’s take a look and see what Chrome has to offer.

Then in one of my packs…

2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Lavarnway autograph. Not only is it my first autograph from retail, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve hit a Red Sox autograph that will go straight into my personal collection.

On a bonus note, Ryan Lavarnway used to play for the Manchester Silkworms in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. My brother also used to play for that team in the same league. I believe he played the year before Lavarnway though. Manchester, Connecticut, is right next to the towns that I used to live in growing up, so it’s nice seeing someone local, although he’s originally from California, make it to the big leagues and to the Red Sox.

It definitely makes it another reason why this should stay in my personal collection.