Preview: 2011-12 Panini Contenders Hockey

Coming in for it’s sophomore season on the ice, Contenders hockey has returned and will be released early next week on March 28, 2012 (May now be April, 25, 2012, after some research). After a decent freshmen product, Panini has tweaked a few things this time around for collectors and has some great additions planned for collectors who choose to buy the product this year.

Besides your rookie autographs that Contenders is famous for, also seeded into the product this year are booklet cards and autographed patch cards from some of the top players in the game. The best part? Every card will be hard signed except for the booklet cards.

Every box will contain either 3 or 4 autographs, with at least one Calder Contenders autographed rookie card. You may also find the booklet cards with up to 6 autographs inside the booklet, Calder Contenders autographed patches which look phenomenal in all black and signed in silver pen, and some great NHL Ink autographs of very collectible players.

The content added to this product looks like it could be a great addition and when this product comes out, I can see collectors loving the additions. I’ve always wanted to see an autographed patch element to Contenders and that makes this product that much more valuable.

I just hope there isn’t terrible collation issues like there was last year. And at $108 it’s at a lower price than last year, we are happy to see more content.

For more information, check out this post on the Panini blog.

Preview: 2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football

Your favorite rookies and veterans are back for another season in their college uniforms for 2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic football! Some of the hottest rookie cards on the planet come from this product with the SP Authentic autographed patches. Although these are in their college uniforms and not what they once were in terms of how people collect them, they still hold great value if you’re looking for some of the top rookie cards of your favorite players.

2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic comes out with a 100 card base set including 100 1998 styled SP Future Watch cards. You can also find SP Autographed Patches, SPx Rookie Autographed Jersey cards, and SP Signature Threads Autographed Jersey. And I must say, with last year’s SP Authentic football looking kind of boring in the insert department, these look a lot better than last year, especially if you’re lucky enough to pull a SPx pack because those cards look phenomenal.

Each box will yield 3 hits including one SP Autographed Patch card. You may also find 4 SPx packs per case featuring an SPx Autographed Jersey in every one of these packs. This adds a cool little addition to the SP Authentic brand by including some SPx styled cards. There will also be at least one SP Autographed Jersey per case. Your other hits normally consist of plain signatures. You may also find dual, triple, or even quad autographs from some of the games legends, veterans, and rookies from players like Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Mark Ingram, Cam Newton, and more!

You can find this product on shelves February 7, 2012, at around $115 per box.