Preview: 2012 Topps Inception Football

The rookie product of mostly…well rookies, is back again for it’s sophomore season featuring some of the nicest rookie cards of the season. With on-card autographs, great design work, and pretty good value, this product hits the streets again trying to look for a repeated success after last season.

Each 7 card box will feature 2 base cards of NFL veterans, 2 parallels, there will be 2 autographed cards (either autograph or autograph relic), and a patch or regular memorabilia card. Topps also boasts that every player will be in their respective NFL uniform as well, especially after the tragedy of Bowman Signatures.

The usual favorites have returned as well, including the black with silver signature version of the cards numbered to 25 copies. These were the hit of the summer with this product and provided some of the nicest cards of the year.

You’ll also be able to find the usual patch autographs and multi-autographed cards as well as with last year’s product.

Coming out next Wednesday, July 11, 2012, will be the return of this great product. We only hope it stands the test of time as another year as a successful product from Topps. With the great rookie class and autographs from Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, and the rest of the draft family…it looks like it will repeat as a top product of the year.

It should be well worth the single Benjamin.

Andrew Luck’s First Autographed Colts Cards Hitting eBay

Andrew Luck’s first autographed Colts cards are hitting eBay and they are already getting some nice, fat bids associated with them.

Panini’s 2012 Father’s Day promotion features these first cards of the year, kind of strange that it comes from promotional packs, but that’s going to make these even hotter as they are harder to find.

These are the first cards featuring Andrew Luck in his new Colts uniform. Topps has come out with a set along with several non-NFL licensed products but none have Luck in the horseshoe. That puts a bit of a premium on these cards and you can already see from the prices on eBay.

His plain rookies numbered to 499 are going between $30 and $40 while one of his first Colts autographs has three days left and is already over $200.

Our friend over at FieldLevelView even pulled one of the first Andrew Luck Cracked Ice parallels which are non-numbered but limited to just 25 copies. It isn’t autographed, but it’s definitely one of the highlights of the Father’s Day promotion and is a pretty sweet looking card. I featured it on our post about Panini Father’s Day 2012.

Make sure you head to your local card shop this weekend to see if they are part of Panini’s promotion and get your chance to pull some of these beauties.

Why Topps? A Complaint on 2012 Bowman Signatures

This is a case where “FIRSTIES” has gone completely wrong.

2012 Bowman Signatures is the first licensed product of the 2012 NFL football season. And it hardly looks like it’s a licensed product.

With Topps wanting to put the first product of the season out in order to cash in on the hype of this year’s rookie class, they were unable to provided photos (or even photoshopped images) of rookies in their new NFL uniforms. The result is a lackluster design where the player’s jerseys are just a single color with no NFL logos.

While some of the cards look halfway decent, like the helmet cards, the rest of the rookie content is extremely hard to look at. And the price of this product makes it that much harder to look at after you end up buying a box for close to $200.

This is definitely a historic fail on the part of Topps, which I’m sure won’t be happening next year.

With Panini stepping up their game in the design department, who would of thought that the first Topps product wouldn’t look half as good as Panini’s first product of the season, Prestige?

Preview: 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars Football

Rookies. Stars. What more could you ask for?

2012 Panini Rookies & Stars is back again for it’s 15th season and is slated for an August release. Back are some of your favorites and not-so favorites along with some new-old additions.

To start, you’ll be getting 24 packs per box of this product with one rookie per pack to get your rookie fix of this product. You’ll also almost get an insert per pack as well with a number of inserts like the Longevity parallels, True Blue parallels, and my favorite, the return of die-cut pennants featuring players and teams.

Don’t worry hit lovers, at 4 hits per box you’ll have enough to satisfy your box and case breaking habit. The four hits per box will be cards like Rookie Material Signatures with oversized swatches and autographs, Rookie Slide Show with autographed film from the shoot, and Department of Defense material cards featuring some of the best defensive players in the game, amongst other great insert sets.

You can find more information, and more pictures, on the official Panini blog.

You can find our review of 2011 Panini Rookies & Stars Football here for comparison.

Preview: 2012 Panini Prestige Football

Panini’s first football product of the season will be coming out in June and looks better than it has over the past few seasons. 2012 Panini Prestige football looks good and this year will be featuring all the draftees in their new NFL uniforms.  Gone are the days of blank helmets or college logos in NFL licensed products and that’s a good thing.

No new football product can be previewed without featuring some of the rookies that will be featured, especially in the first product of the season. You will be able to find rookie cards from Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Trent Richardson amongst others in this product.

Note: He will be featured in an NFL uniform.

While this product will feature a lot of rookies (100 to be exact), Panini will be continuing their practice of achieving on-card rookie autographs and those will be inserted into this product. These autographs will feature subsets like NFL Draft Ticket Signatures, NFL Passport Signatures, and Draft City Signatures.

Every 24 pack box of this product will feature at least 2 autographs with four hits guaranteed. You will also be receiving one rookie per pack as we have seen in recent years. The same types of parallels will return as well with Extra Points and Prestigious Picks subsets.

With this product releasing June 20, 2012, you’ll be set and ready for the upcoming NFL season. Check out the official Panini blog for more images and information about this upcoming product.