Review: 2012 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football

2012 Panini Absolute Memorabilia football is in stores just in time for the end of the 2012 football season. That means you’ve had time to see the rookies and breakout stars of the season and find your favorite players in this product. Absolute Memorabilia is a four pack per box product that features 4 autographs/memorabilia cards, an insert and a few base cards as well. It often features some of the nicer rookie cards of the season where you can find some big hits like the popular NFL shield memorabilia cards, laundry tags, and jumbo patches. The popular subsets return as well with the favorite Tools of the Trade insert returning. Want to see what’s in a box? Check it out below.

Design:4 stars blue

The design of the product you can see resembles that of previous years as far as the base design goes. With just enough tweaking, I think it is a solid base to go off of and Panini does a pretty good job in that department. My only issue remains to be the color/usage of the foil on the cards. The lettering doesn’t really match with the flow of the rest of the card causing it to look a little out of place. The color fung-shui is just a little off to me. The updates to the insert sets are interesting and do take a little getting used to, while the autographed rookie cards look fantastic this year. Not to mention, the on-card autographs on the rookie cards look fantastic on the foilboard. I wasn’t sure how they would look, but the thin pen actually stands out really well.

Checklist:4 stars blue

The checklist for Absolute continues to be solid, although I don’t see that much has changed since last year as far as the rookie odds compared to the veteran odds. It was very nice to pull a great veteran prime memorabilia card in Hakeem Nicks, but the odds for just rookie autographs again appears higher. I do rate the checklist a half star higher than last year however, due to the quality of the rookies and some of the bigger hits you can find this year.

Value:4 stars blue

Again, value is a tough indicator in a box like this because it is extremely hit or miss. Just as well, this product is much better bought by the box than bought by the pack because of the one hit per pack odds and the price of the single pack. Currently, the product sits at $155 per box at DA Card World which is around where you would expect it to fall after all these years and the solid rookie class. However, it is still a tough break as it is a hit or miss product at that price, especially if you purchase by the pack. I think this year, you may find more hits than misses with the class of rookies and the checklist.

Overall:4 stars blue

Overall, the product isn’t much changed from last season. You still get the rookie autographs and the occassional veteran autograph. The design is somewhat changed, even a bit in a better direction. The checklist is what you’ve come to expect as well. And the price hasn’t changed. So without much of a change this year, you are generally going to get the same score as last year. I do admit, the rookie autographs still look much better than in years past and I like the autograph on the foilboard. It’s definitely worthy of your penny, but only purchasing by the box.

Thanks again to Panini for providing this product to review. You can find them online on their official site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can find the full checklist of this product at Cardboard Connection.

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