We Are The 99%

I am part of the 99%. Well I am part of the 99% of collectors out there who would like to see an end to exclusive licenses for sports card products. It’s time to occupy. I don’t really know what there is to occupy as everything is already occupied, but we should occupy something.

Competition is the best part about the market. You know what I love about collecting professional hockey and professional football products? The companies seem to always be trying to outdo each other with their products. Panini is trying hard to beat Upper Deck in the hockey arena and has made Upper Deck work harder as they are hot on their tails. Topps is trying to beat Panini in the football cards area and some would argue that this year they may have done that with some products or in some facets of their products.

But where is the competition in baseball and basketball? I mean no offense to Upper Deck’s collegiate licensing or Leaf with their baseball products, but there aren’t any professionally licensed opponents creating competition for those two sports. There have been a lot of complaints that the exclusive licenses are killing these sports cards and people want an alternative.

All of that might be changing soon though. Upper Deck has been making great strides with it’s collegiate licensed products. Panini has just acquired a MLBPA license and will start creating more baseball products this season. Leaf is getting bigger and more popular as well in baseball and has a following in football, along with Press Pass. I believe the MLB exclusive license with Topps ends in 2013. I believe 2013 may be the date for the end of Panini’s exclusive license with the NBA as well. Maybe we’ll see some real game-changers in 2013.

In the end, will the 99% get what they want or will the people with the money be making all the decisions on what they think is best for their respective companies?