Who Wins March Madness 2012?

With the first round of games over, are your brackets busted already or do you still have a chance to win your office pool?

I’m doing pretty well so far with only a couple of losses and my National Champion is still in contention.

Who did I pick? Well I picked…THE

Ohio State University. I picked them over the popular NCAA pick, Kentucky Wildcats.

Who did you pick?

Portland Timbers Win MLS First Kick 2012

The first MLS game of the season is over and soccer…errr futbol fans across the country are excited. The fastest growing sport in America is back for another season and everyone got to watch my Portland Timbers beat Stale Gum’s Philadelphia Union, 3-1.

While it should of been at least 5-0, an own goal and some luck played into Philadelphia’s only success this match.

And for those who don’t follow the MLS, the fans in Portland are the best fans in the league bar none. And I’m not just saying that because I live in Portland.

So I’m going to show off something I don’t show off enough of on this blog, a soccer…errr futbol trading card!

While it’s not of my new hero Kris Boyd, my UCONN soccer player Andrew Jean-Baptiste, or Kalif Alhassan, all of whom scored goals tonight, it is of Timbers goalie Troy Perkins who had a great game in the box.

I definitely need to start grabbing some base cards for my PC of Portland Timbers players. I think this card may be the first off my list. Look at that awesome action shot!

Portland really is Soccertown, U.S.A.


Preview: 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball

Coming up in a few days is the higher end Topps baseball product that brings you the Hall of Famers and legends like never before. With newly signed players to Topps like rookie Yu Darvish and future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., you’ll have some new Topps autographs to go after.

Either of those players aren’t your cup of tea? This $320 per box product also features autographs from the great Sandy Koufax, Willy Mays, Albert Pujols, and Hank Aaron. In fact, I’m impressed with the majority of the autographed checklist. I mean, look at this checklist, it’s solid.

While the game used jersey cards aren’t that impressing, I mean it’s a $320 product with plain jersey swatches, they look to be sort of a filler to the pretty impressive autographed checklist. Did I mention yet these are all on-card autographs?

With 3 autographs and 3 game used relics per box, it’s a risky buy at $320 as this product is kind of hit or miss for the most part. But with an impressive on-card autograph checklist, if you can afford it, it looks like a very fun break. If you do wish to try it out, good luck to you!

Bustin’ Blasters: 2012 Topps Series I Baseball

It’s time for another round of Bustin’ Blasters!

This time, we will be opening a blaster of 2012 Topps Series I baseball…and a bonus of a retail fat pack! Oooooh. (Or whatever they are called.)

So I ripped into a blaster and a fat packy retail thing in search of…well I wasn’t really searching for anything. Red Sox cards? Trade bait? So a little bit of both. Instead, I really just got some set fillers and my bonus commemorative patch.

And trying to hide from Yankees cards has proven to be extremely difficult. Too many Yankees for my liking. But all in all, ripping packs is fun so it was fun. Here is a sampling of what you might find in your retail or retail fatty packs.

(And if you don’t know what the base looks like by now, check out what I got in my mini-break of half a jumbo hobby box.)


Preview: 2012 Topps Archives Baseball

I was planning on writing a different preview for today, but with the news that we were selected as a must follow on Twitter by Top Prospect Alert, we are going to treat you all with some information about 2012 Topps Archives baseball.

Topps is bringing back the former brand that was last released in 2002 in order to change the game a bit this season with their roster of products. Archives will rehash some of the popular old Topps designs and include today’s players and some all-time fan favorites.

Speaking of fan favorites, inside each 24 pack hobby box will include 2 Fan Favorites autographed cards from popular players of the past. You may also find full memorabilia pieces as redemptions in this product as well. Imagine pulling a redemption for a full game used jersey of one of your favorite players from today or the past? Great move there by Topps as that is something I’ve been advocating for years.

The base set will feature 200 players from today and years past on four different previous Topps designs, (’54, ’71, ’80, & ’84) all prior to my birth. You will also find Fan Favorites inserts and even some relics of game used jerseys or bat pieces embedded into the cards from former stars and today’s stars.

Of course, everyone will want to know who some of the players that will be signing for this product. How about Ken Griffey Jr., Albert Pujols, Justin Verlander, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron, Yaz, Johnny Bench, and more Hall of Famers and past and presents stars.

When Topps started talking about changing the game this season, we had no idea what we were in for. If this product comes out as hot as it looks, be prepared for more great offerings from Topps this year. Be ready on May 23, 2012, right before MLB action starts really heating up and save up your coin as it will close around $86.